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Individuals with Disabilities

Most COMs are committed to making accommodations for students with disabilities whose disability allows them to meet the minimal
technical standards above and be able to accomplish a successful career as an osteopathic physician. Reasonable accommodations do occur; the student, however, is required to function with independence and all the skills described above that the college holds as mandatory for the safe and effective practice of osteopathic medicine. MU-COM facilities are handicap accessible.

Self Assessment and Meeting Technical Standards

The COM is committed to making the accommodations that make a student successful. Many COMs have provided accommodations to many students with various handicaps that have enabled the student to be successful.

The COM is also committed to assuring patient safety and to assuring a safe and effective environment that does not place patients and/or students, faculty, and staff at risk. Each technical standard listed above was derived from standards that osteopathic physicians deem necessary for the safe and effective practice of osteopathic medicine.

Students must read the technical standards carefully to determine if they will be successful in the program. If a student has a question
as to his/her ability to meet the minimal technical standards listed above, he or she should contact the Office of Admissions in advance
of applying to determine if the standard can be met with accommodations or so reasonable testing may occur in advance.

Students must identify to the Office of Admissions, all areas where accommodations are needed in order to be successful in the educational program or where there is question in meeting these technical standards.