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Construction Progress

February 22, 2013

Despite the cold winter weather, construction of the Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences is moving right along. That is because the building is sealed from the elements and construction workers are busy working inside. Below is a floor-by-floor description of what construction workers are doing.

Note that the offices of the College of Osteopathic Medicine will be in Building A, which faces Cold Spring Road. The offices of the School of Nursing are in Building B, which faces 30th Street.

  • Building A, Third Floor – Ceiling tile is in, carpet is being installed, walls are painted, light fixtures are in, plumbing fixtures installation starts next week, and floor trim starts the week of February 25.
  • Building B, Third Floor – Drywall finishing is in process, walls will be primed and painted starting next week, and light fixture installation begins next week.
  • Building A, Second Floor – Ceiling grids are in, tiles are being installed, walls are painted, carpet installation begins week of February 25, and light fixtures are being installed.
  • Building B, Second Floor – Drywall is hung and will begin finishing next week and ceiling grid installation will begin next week.
  • Building A, First Floor – Terrazzo is being installed the week of February 25, walls continue to be finished, and common area light fixtures installation begins week of February 25.

December 10, 2012

Construction is progressing on all areas of the building and is on schedule.

  • All of the drywall has been hung, taped and mudded in building A and drywall is being hung in building B.
  • The glass is being installed on the 30th street side of building B, which will be the final installation of the exterior glass.
  • The building will be completely weathered in in the next two weeks. Temporary heat has been installed for the building as we cannot fire up the HVAC system until the spring.
  • Lighting fixtures are being installed in building A.
  • The floor will be poured in the lecture hall in building B in the next two weeks. The chapel masonry will begin the week of December 10.
  • The south elevator has been installed and the north elevator will be installed by the end of December 2012.

June 26, 2012

Over the last month contractors have completed the concrete masonry unit (CMU) on the east and south elevations of A wing, completed laying brick on the south elevation and laid 75 percent of the brick on the east elevation. Steel stud framing of the walls in wing A is 95 percent complete on the first and second floors, as well as the basement, with 10 percent being complete on the third floor. The roof membrane has been installed on wing A.

  • All geopiers (more than 200) have been installed in the building. Geopiers are part of the foundation system in wing B, Chapel, and ellipse area.
  • Building pad for wing B has been completed and the contractor is installing foundations for this area.
  • Mechanical and electrical contractors are installing hangers, pipe, and conduit throughout all floors of wing A. Major pipe and conduit runs have been installed in basement and first floor. Conduit has been installed in walls that have been framed. Major pipe and conduit runs have also started on second and third floors. HVAC duct installation has been started on all floors.
  • Three additional houses have been demolished, their basements backfilled, brought up to grand, and stoned. These lots are now being used for construction parking and material storage.

May 19, 2012

Construction work is on schedule and progressing smoothly.

  • Structural steel for the A wing is complete, including all detail work and steel deck on all floors and roof.
  • Concrete floor on all floors is complete.
  • Concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls are complete for south elevator shaft, stairwell, and north elevator shaft. The stairwell and exterior CMU wall on the east elevation has started. After the CMU on the east side of the building is complete the contractor will start laying brick. The brick is scheduled to start early in July.
  • Backfilling around basement walls for the A wing is complete. Interior wall layout has started and framing on the first floor is 90 percent complete and 25 percent complete in basement and on second floor.
  • Excavation for the B wing is complete. Preparation of building pad is complete and area has been stoned.
  • Mechanical and electrical contractors are installing sleeves, hangers, pipe, and conduit in basement and on first floor. HVAC duct installation has started in the basement. Also, the water service has been connected to the utility.
  • Three houses on Tyrone Drive have been vacated and are being cleared and prepped for demolition. Demolition will start on June 4. After demolition the basements will be backfilled and prepared for parking spaces.

April 16, 2012

Project is on schedule and moving ahead smoothly. The work force has increased considerable of the last month with masons, mechanics, and electricians increasing their numbers on the site.

  • All steel is set for the A wing along Cold Spring Road and detail work will be completed by April 24. Contractor is laying roof deck and is 60 percent complete.
  • Basement, first floor, and second floor concrete has been poured and contractor will start pouring third floor on Friday, April 20.
  • Contractor has started masonry walls in basement, elevator shafts, and sairwells. Walls in south end of basement are complete.
  • Contractor is backfilling around basement walls and this work will continue through next week. After this work is completed contractor will start excavation and foundation for the B wing.
  • Mechanical and electrical contractors are working installing hangers and walls, along with floor penetrations. They are also working on some of the utilities outside the building walls.
  • Interior wall layout has started. Fframing on first floor and in basement will start the week of April 23.