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Marian University Programs for St.Vincent Health
Marian University
Marian University Programs for St.Vincent Health offer a flexible accelerated option for a top quality nursing education. 
Marian University Programs for St.Vincent Health 

The demand for clinically-competent, professional, registered nurses in the United States has never been higher. Many people are searching for the rewards that registered nursing can bring them, but we all know that earning the necessary credentials is time-consuming. Through an innovative collaboration between Marian University and St.Vincent Health in Indiana, two new programs allow students to become registered nurses through a unique combination of online study and on-site clinical experiences.

Accelerated BSN

Have you always dreamed of becoming a nurse, but never had the opportunity? Are you interested in switching careers? If you hold a baccalaureate degree in a non-nursing major, perhaps the accelerated BSN program for St.Vincent Health is for you. The accelerated program offers non-working students the opportunity to finish their BSN in as little as 16 months. Learn more about the accelerated BSN for St.Vincent Health.

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