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Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Marian University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

The generic Bachelor of Science in Nursing track is designed for students who do not have a college degree. Graduates from the program receive a BSN. 

Highlights of the program include:

  • Six semester clinical rotation after successful completion of pre-requisites 
  • Personal attention from well-qualified, expert faculty
  • Well-represented as one of the largest majors on campus
  • Faith-based program

After successful completion of the pre-requisites, students then make application to the clinical rotation. Students are then ranked based on our decision tree for admission to the clinical.

If students are admitted to the six semester clinical rotation, they will experience nine different clinicals focused in general and specialized areas of nursing. Clinicals are classes that have a lecture portion and an off-campus, hands-on experience in a healthcare agency. Marian University is fortunate to have the opportunity to have access to many top notch healthcare facilities in the city of Indianapolis and the surrounding area. During their career at Marian University, students will be able to experience nursing in an urban setting, a rural setting, a small hospital, a large hospital, and a multitude of other sites. This not only allows students to get a well-rounded education, but gives them a good idea of where they might best fit post graduation.

When students graduate from the bachelor of science in nursing program, they will be prepared to work in a multitude of different areas in healthcare. Their knowledge in the liberal arts and in nursing will serve as an asset in all that they encounter in the working world.

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