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Marian University Helps Write History of Indianapolis - 10/12/2012

On Saturday, October 20, Marian University and the Indianapolis community will participate in CityWrite, a city-wide memoir writing initiative designed to encourage writing and capture experiences.

CityWrite Poster

CityWrite is the vision of Mark Latta, Marian University Writing Center’s new assistant director, and Darolyn “Lyn” Jones, an English professor at Ball State University. As writers, community activists, and educators, Latta and Jones have worked together for several years on a variety of memoir and ethnography projects with the same vision: to encourage everyone to use their voice.

“Writing is a way for people to use their own language to illustrate the common and uncommon human experience we share,” Latta said.  “The day is meant to capture the common and everyday experiences that shape our lives and impact our community, yet remain undocumented moments in history.”

During CityWrite, participants can choose from more than 25 locations in Indianapolis and attend a free, collaborative memoir writing session. Each CityWrite site will operate on Saturday, October 20, from 12-2 p.m., and will be staffed with a facilitator to guide participants through specific writing prompts centered around time and place. For those willing to share, stories and memories generated during CityWrite will be collected and posted on

At Marian University, the event will take place at the St.Vincent Health Field during a football game. There, the Marian University community will be able to share their stories and memories of Indianapolis and Marian University. 
CityWrite sites have been chosen based on geography, cultural relevance, and community perspectives. Sites will intersect all walks of life and will include libraries, bookstores, schools, churches, shelters, brewpubs, union halls, coffee shops, and retail stores.

Latta chose October 20 because it is the National Day on Writing. It was created as a joint project with the National Council Teachers of English and the National Writing Project and initially sought to work primarily with students in schools and universities. Over the years, this project has grown to include local community sites including the Indianapolis site, Hoosier Writing Project.

This year, CityWrite can be added to the list. Just this month, Latta received a Mayoral Proclamation from Mayor Greg Ballard, declaring October 20, 2012, Indianapolis Day on Writing.

For more information or to volunteer as a CityWrite site facilitator, please contact Mark Latta at