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Marian University announces partnership with Teach For America - 10/17/2012

TFA Partnership AnnouncementAs part of its ongoing efforts to dramatically improve the quality of K-12 schools, on Thursday, October 4, 2012, Marian University formally announced a partnership with Teach For America (TFA).

Daniel J. Elsener, Marian University’s president, commented on the partnership: “We have an inspirational vision to be top 10 in the nation in recruiting, educating, mentoring, and supporting K-12 leaders who will effect transformational and sustainable change in education in Indiana and throughout the United States."

Elsener added: "We are working with Teach For America and local and national leaders to find the best talent to lead our schools. ”

TFA is a New York-based, nonprofit organization that helps caring professionals with college degrees achieve master’s degrees in education in exchange for service to some of the country’s most challenged schools. TFA has 28,000 alumni nationwide and will spread the word to its alumni about Marian University’s leadership program for schools.

The university’s Academy for Teaching and Learning Leadership trains and supports innovative teachers and administrators who will help transform K-12 education. The Academy involves two years of classes during the summers, evening, and weekends, followed by two years of mentoring its graduates once they are in leadership positions. Areas of instruction include: leadership, STEM competency, literacy, community collaboration, international competitiveness, character development, data gathering, and outcome assessment.

Over the next few years, the university plans to raise $26 million in two phases to expand the Academy, offer scholarships, conduct research, and hire nationally renowned faculty.

The Academy is led by Dr. Lindan B. Hill, who is the dean of Marian University’s School of Education. He stated: “The Academy is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people through powerful, transformative school leadership. That is our mission. If it is your mission, contact us. We need to talk!” For more information about the Academy, contact: Chandre Sanchez, M.Ed. associate director, Academy for Teaching and Learning Leadership at 317.955.6093 or

The announcement about the partnership with TFA was made at Carpe Diem, a new, technology-intensive charter school in Indianapolis, which is staffed by Teach For America / Marian University alumni.