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Marian Unversity announces spring Dean's List honorees - 6/26/2012

Marian University is pleased to announce the following Dean's List honorees.

Blessed Mary Shrine and Rosary Walk

Demarise J. Abbett, Pre-Elementary Education, Carmel, Indiana
Andrew M. Adams, Biology, Evansville, Indiana
Alexandra R. Aldridge, Elementary Education, Plainfield, Indiana
Justin E. Alvis, English, Indianapolis, Indiana
Ikem M. Anadumaka, Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kaitlin A. Antonneau, Sport Performance, Racine, Wisconsin
Charles R. Ayres, Marketing, Columbus, Indiana
Megan M. Baird, Nursing, San Diego, California
Kindra M. Bandy, Sociology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Michelle D. Barbee, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jordan L. Barker, Graphic Design, Bloomington, Indiana
Erin E. Barnhorst, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Greenfield, Indiana
Katherine M. Barrett, Biology, Carmel, Indiana
Jordan M. Bartholomew, Pre-Elementary Education, Greenwood , Indiana
Andrew N. Barton, Political Science, Indianapolis, Indiana
Nicholas E. Batuello, Biology, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Andrew  P. Bault, Pre-Elementary Education, Indianapolis, Indiana
Michael  A. Baumann, English, Walton, Kentucky
Katherine E. Bear, Nursing, Madison, Indiana
Anna E. Bedel, Mathematics, Greensburg, Indiana
Lydia A. Bell, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Jasper, Indiana
Robert A. Bevard, Finance, Lebanon, Indiana
Lisa L. Beyer, Indianapolis, Indiana
Allison E. Bielefeld, History, Westfield, Indiana
Anastasia M. Bittner, Pastoral Music Ministry, Princeton, Indiana
Michael F. Bohland, Greenwood , Indiana
Allison M. Boike, English, Kokomo, Indiana
Lauren R. Borchelt, Nursing, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Jessica J. Borgmann, Nursing, Anderson, Indiana
Chase A. Brackin, Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
Grant K. Brackin, Accounting, Indianapolis, Indiana
David A. Broadus, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kyle J. Brockett, Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
Apryll M. Brown, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cassy R. Brown, Psychology, Martinsville, Indiana
Sara L. Brown, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Troy, Indiana
Ashley J. Brundage, Accounting, Indianapolis, Indiana
Amy N. Bueno, Chemistry, Greenwood, Indiana
Bayli M. Bumen, Communication, Indianapolis, Indiana
Sarah J. Cabe, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Luis R. Camacho, Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
Elizabeth K. Campbell, Psychology, Avon , Indiana
Bradley A. Caron, Psychology, Carmel, Indiana
Amber L. Carpenter, Nursing, Greenwood, Indiana
Hillary N. Carpenter, English, Danville, Indiana
Noel B. Carpenter, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Angel Carranza, Management, Hammond, Indiana
Gabriela B. Carrero, Religious Education, Cincinnati, Ohio
Elizabeth A. Carrico, Nursing, Brownsburg, Indiana
Zackary R. Carrie, Marketing, Greenwood, Indiana
Jessica R. Carr, Nursing, Fishers, Indiana
Bradley B. Carter, Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
Holly A. Carter, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Matthew J. Cavazos, Music, Griffith, Indiana
Anthony L. Cecil, Catholic Studies, Lebanon Junction, Kentucky
Zachary W. Cecil, Catholic Studies, Sidney, Ohio
Jess T. Chadwell, Biology, Georgetown, Ohio
Myles G. Chandler, Psychology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Andrew  D. Charboneau, Mathematics, Speedway, Indiana
Russell A. Chick, Sport Performance, Crown Point, Indiana
Joel H. Chodakowski, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kenda R. Christy, Pre-Elementary Education, Greencastle, Indiana
Diana C. Clark, Pre-Elementary Education, Indianapolis, Indiana
Charles C. Clem, Sport Management, Beech Grove, Indiana
Steven E. Clemons, Indianapolis, Indiana
Rebecca J. Cole, Nursing , Bedford, Indiana
Catherine E. Copeland, Chemistry, Clayton, Indiana
Gina Cowherd, McCordsville, Indiana
Whitley T. Crane, Sport Performance, Bedford, Indiana
Lori A. Crist, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kelly J. Cross, Nursing, Noblesville, Indiana
Morgan E. Crutcher, Marketing, Dallas, Georgia
Colleen M. Curley, Pre-Elementary Education, West Terre Haute, Indiana
Megan E. Curran, Nursing, Carmel, Indiana
Mallory M. Curtin, English, Indianapolis, Indiana
Melanie A. Czada, English, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Amelia M. Daeger, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Greensburg, Indiana
Julie K. Daisley, Nursing, Lebanon, Indiana
Angela R. Davis, Carmel, Indiana
Joseph S. Davis, Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
Harold E. Davis, Brownsburg, Indiana
Zachary  A. Davis, Economics, Fairborn, Ohio
Evan C. Day, Management, North Vernon, Indiana
Ryan S. DeArmond, Marketing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Deirdre Delph Mooresville, Indiana
Casey K. Delucenay, Pre-Elementary Education, Elkhart, Indiana
Sylvia C. Denice, Pre-Elementary Education, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Tasha A. Denton, Noblesville, Indiana
Joann C. Derbiszewski, Theology, Granger, Indiana
Andrea Di Bortolo, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mariama Diallo, Nursing, Bronx, New York
Matthew S. Dickerson, Marketing, Evansville, Indiana
Colleen A. Diemer, Accounting, Plainfield, Indiana
Deanna  Dilts, Exploratory, Zionsville, IN
William H. Dixon, Accounting, Jeffersonville, Indiana
Kyle M. Downs, Nursing , Indianapolis, Indiana
Kurtis L. Drake, Marketing, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
Lynel Duffy, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jeffrey L. Dufresne, Theology, Dayton, Ohio
Brendan J. Dugan, Sociology, Thorntown, Indiana
Matthew K. Duncan, Political Science, Sellersburg, Indiana
Brandy L. Earl, Indianapolis, Indiana
Broderick R. Edgerly, Accounting, Logansport, Indiana
Stephanie M. Edsall, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Joseph D. Elsener, History, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacob P. Erdely, Nursing, Brownsburg, Indiana
Aaron J. Evans, Marketing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kelsee M. Evans, Psychology, Avon, Indiana
Whitley D. Fallis, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Shelbyville, Indiana
Daniel J. Farrell, Elementary Education, Greenfield, Indiana
Amy L. Farris, Indianapolis, Indiana
Laura B. Feder, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Patrice N. Fernandes, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Luder W. Fernandez, Catholic Studies, Indianapolis, Indiana
Crystal D. Fillmore, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jessica J. Fisher, Sport Performance, Zionsville, Indiana
Casandra J. Flaherty, Management, Danville, Indiana
Kelsey C. Fluke, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Allie A. Foley, Marketing, Fishers, Indiana
Megan A. Foster, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Martinsville, Indiana
Elise C. Fox, Nursing, Fishers, Indiana
Kyle L. Fox, Marketing, Danville, Indiana
Ashley M. Francis, Management , Brownsburg, Indiana
Corey J. Fritz, Philosophy, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mary C. Ganser, Theology, Osceola, Indiana
Ian C. Garner, Management, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Rachel A. Garzon, Elementary Education , O'Fallon, Missouri
Craig M. Gehlhausen, Pastoral Leadership, Jasper, Indiana
Olivia D. Gehrich, English, Greensburg, Indiana
Macy T. Gentry, Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
Lauren A. Gerbick, Management, Dyer, Indiana
Allison E. Goetz, Biology , Demotte, Indiana
Ashley Gomez, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mary Gracykutty, Elementary Education, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jordan D. Gray, Mathematics, Columbus, Indiana
Tracy E. Gray, Indianapolis, Indiana
Dylan L. Green, Marketing, Kokomo, Indiana
Tonya C. Gregory, Nursing, Fishers, Indiana
Sara K. Gresham, Indianapolis, Indiana
Krystina L. Grewe, Music, Madison, Indiana
Kathleen A. Groves, Religious Education, Indianapolis, Indiana
Emily C. Grupp, Nursing, Avon, Indiana
Lauren M. Gunderson, Chemistry, Indianapolis, Indiana
Sabryna  A. Guynn, Psychology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Lauren E. Hacker, Nursing, Franklin, Indiana
Maxwell L. Hagan, Management, Henderson, Kentucky
Patrick T. Hammans, Catholic Studies, Indianapolis, Indiana
Patricia L. Hargis, Nursing, Martinsville, Indiana
Maureen Hardy, Westfield, Indiana
Katie A. Harlow, Biology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cora M. Harrison, Communication, New Lebanon, Ohio
Sarah A. Harris, Nursing, Avon, Indiana
John E. Hasty, History, Indianapolis, Indiana
Amanda E. Haugh, Indianapolis, Indiana
Joseph M. Hecklinski, Mathematics, South Bend, Indiana
Ethan Hedeen, Marketing, Greenwood, Indiana
Sarah K. Hedrick, Nursing, Martinsville, Indiana
Valerie A. Heiney, Indianapolis, Indiana
Raymond L. Henson, Sheridan, Indiana
Kristen C. Hicks, Elementary Education, Osgood, Indiana
Allyson C. Higgenbottom, Psychology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jennifer S. Holland, Nursing, Carmel, Indiana
Tony R. Hollcraft, Noblesville, Indiana
Hannah J. Holmes, Nursing, Bloomington, Indiana
Steven D. Hood, Carmel, Indiana
Matthew A. Hostetler, Chemistry, Shipshewana, Indiana
Ciera L. Hughes, Management, Indianapolis, Indiana
Debora M. Hulett, Nursing, Westfield, Indiana
Nicole A. Huser, Elementary Education, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacqueline A. Isaacson, Indianapolis, Indiana
Usharani Jacob, Pre-Elementary Education, Indianapolis, Indiana
William J. Jansen, Catholic Studies, Dieterich, Illinois
Adrianne R. Johnson, Management, Shelbyville, Indiana
Rebecca C. Johnson, Nursing, Carmel, Indiana
Ashley L. Jones, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jessica A. Jones, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Morgan D. Jones, Psychology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kelsey R. Kaiser, Nursing, Milford, Indiana
Daryl J. Kapp, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Susan L. Katterhenry, Carmel, Indiana
Brittany  N. Keller, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kacie L. Kelly, Pre-Elementary Education, Franklin, Indiana
Jessica R. Kershaw, Nursing, Carmel, Indiana
Frederick J. Kingery, Indianapolis, Indiana
Alecia M. Kissel, Communication, Haubstadt, Indiana
Tyler J. Kleinschmidt, Accounting, Indianapolis, Indiana
Molly E. Knight, Finance, North Vernon, Indiana
Stephanie P. Knuckles, Nursing, Plainfield, Indiana
Jillian L. Knueven, Elementary Education, Sunman, Indiana
Matthew E. Kolb, Accounting, Brookville, Indiana
Caleb T. Kolby, Management, New Palestine, Indiana
Robert M. Koors, Management, Greensburg, Indiana
Mark S. Koselke, History , Avon, Indiana
Jacob P. Kraft, Nursing, Floyds Knobs, Indiana
Michael  R. Kubancsek, Philosophy, Greenwood, Indiana
Lara P. Kuczmanski, Pre-Elementary Education, South Bend, Indiana
Jacqueline F. Kurth, Sport Performance, Palm City, Florida
Chauncey R. Lacey, Indianapolis, Indiana
Amy M. Land, French, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kathryn  E. Landwehr, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Michael S. Larew, Lebanon, Indiana
Adrianna M. LaRosa, Exploratory, Indianapolis, Indiana
Courtney A. Laughman, Psychology, Elkhart, Indiana
Emma M. Laut, Biology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Tara M. Lecher, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Greensburg, Indiana
Chelsea M. Leeuw, Pre-Elementary Education, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Erika L. Lesch, Sport Performance, Brownsburg, Indiana
Bradley E. Levi, Marketing, Valparaiso, Indiana
Kelly A. Leyba, Music, South Bend, Indiana
Leah M. Lickliter, Pre-Elementary Education, Indianapolis, IN
Kenzi L. Lindquist, Biology, Veedersburg, Indiana
Shelby A. Livengood, History, Yoder, Indiana
Katherine I. Lubs, Pastoral Leadership, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mary A. Lutz, Pre-Elementary Education , Liberty Twp, Ohio
Michele D. Lyons, Westfield, Indiana
Scott G. MacDonald, Indianapolis, Indiana
Joseph B. Maher, Catholic Studies, Ramsey, Illinois
Kelsea M. Manion, Pastoral Leadership, Lebanon, Ohio
Erin L. Mansfield, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Krysten D. Marshall, Management, Spiceland, Indiana
Kelli L. Marx, Nursing, Dyer, Indiana
Chelsea E. Mattox, Nursing, Indianapolis , Indiana
Taylor J. Maxey, Management, Tipton, Indiana
Randall S. Maxwell, Marketing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Michael  N. Mazzei, Catholic Studies, Cincinnati, Ohio
Zachary  M. McBride, Biology, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Brianna J. McCaslin, English, Muncie, Indiana
Jeffrey K. McClure, Marketing, Brownsburg, Indiana
Alexander P. McCool, Mathematics, Brookville, Indiana
Mary E. McDowell, Art History, Indianapolis, Indiana
Karen A. McNulty, English, Indianapolis, Indiana
Tanesha M. McWilliams, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Yordanos W. Mebrahtu, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Morgan  T. Merrill, Marketing, Greenwood, Indiana
Brett J. Metcalf, Sport Performance, Lebanon, Indiana
Carol A. Meyer, Communication , Fairland, Indiana
Amy J. Michel, Mathematics, Fort Branch, Indiana
Brittany  N. Miller, Mathematics, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jalee M. Miller, Biology, North Platte, Nebraska
Joshua D. Miller, Catholic Studies, Tipp City, Ohio
Kristin Miller, Psychology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Leah J. Miller, Accounting, Plainfield, Indiana
Sinead E. Miller, Chemistry, Indianapolis, Indiana
Lisa A. Minter, Fishers, Indiana
Allison L. Mitchell, Accounting, Evansville, Indiana
Kelly A. Mitchell, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jennifer  M. Morris, Nursing, Camby, Indiana
Cathleen Marie Morrison, Indianapolis, Indiana
Erin L. Mott, Pastoral Leadership, Cincinnati, Ohio
Jillian A. Mucho, Biology, Plainfield, Indiana
Kristin M. Mullinix, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Richard D. Muncy, Greenwood, Indiana
Ariana E. Murray, Management, Speedway, Indiana
Christopher J. Murray, Management, Greenwood, Indiana
Julia L. Naab, Management, Bloomington, Indiana
Bradley K. Naffziger, Sport Performance, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mary K. Nave, Nursing, Carmel, Indiana
Kori N. Nell, English, Brownsburg, Indiana
Laura E. Neuman, Spanish, Rushville, Indiana
Brandin  J. Newton, Management, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Dylan A. Ng, Mathematics, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Bobette N. Ngoma, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Laurene S. Nolcox, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Emily M. Norton, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Alyson Marie O'Conner, Art History, Lebanon, Indiana
Nathanial D. Odle, Political Science, Indianapolis, Indiana
Annabelle M. Ondari, Accounting, Indianapolis, Indiana
Katherine A. Orberson, Pastoral Leadership, New Albany , Indiana
Daniel P. Owen, Philosophy, Indianapolis, Indiana
Christopher R. Owens, Communication, Indianapolis, Indiana
Renyae D. Owsley, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Lauren K. Palmer, Spanish, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Sarah A. Patterson, Elementary Education, Greenwood, Indiana
Kelsey E. Pauley, Chemistry, Avon, Indiana
Keith A. Pavlish, Economics, Hobart, Indiana
Charles A. Peñalosa, Catholic Studies, Indianapolis, Indiana
Ashley N. Pertile, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kirsten M. Petras, McCordsville, Indiana
William W. Pfund, Finance, Sellersburg, Indiana
Elizabeth F. Pinkerman, Finance, Greenwood, Indiana
Sarah L. Potter, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Terre Haute, Indiana
Paige M. Prather, Management, Fairland, Indiana
Eric G. Priest, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Theresa M. Pritchard, Indianapolis, Indiana
Garrett E. Pritt, Marketing, Shelbyville, Indiana
Corey L. Pumphrey, Marketing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Olivia M. Pursell, Marketing, Carmel, Indiana
Emily R. Pusti, Mathematics, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Kathy L. Ramsay, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kyle L. Ratliff, Biology, New Albany, Indiana
Nicole M. Ravas, Psychology, Kokomo, Indiana
Brooke R. Reed, Finance, North Vernon, Indiana
Brittany L. Rennier, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kayla N. Rhoades, Nursing, Lafayette, Indiana
Michele L. Riddle, Indianapolis, Indiana
Coryn J. Riveria, Marketing, Tustin, California
Chad B. Roberts, Accounting, Zionsville, Indiana
Christopher B. Roberts, Chemistry, Zionsville, Indiana
Rachel E. Roberts, Louisville, Kentucky
Steven T. Roberts, Sport Performance, Fort Wayne, Indiana
April Robinson, Fishers, Indiana
Mariah  Roller, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Rebecca L. Rothfuss, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Carmel, Indiana
Gillianne M. Rountree, Music, Indianapolis, Indiana
Hannah E. Ruegsegger, Art, Greenfield, Indiana
Taryn M. Sababu, McCordsville, Indiana
Michelle L. Salamone, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cody J. Sandschafer, Catholic Studies, Effingham, Illinois
William W. Sanford, Pre-Elementary Education, Plainfield, Indiana
Laura C. Schaeper, Mathematics , South Bend, Indiana
Jaymee R. Schambers, Elementary Education, Milton, Indiana
Steven D. Schenberg, Political Science, Carmel, Indiana
Tiffany E. Schendel, Biology, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Nichole J. Schmidt, Biology, Avon, Indiana
Trevor A. Schmidt, Accounting, Avon, Indiana
Andrew P. Schroeder, Biology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Chad P. Schumann, Sport Performance, Celina, Ohio
Maria V. Schwab, Marketing, Mishawaka, Indiana
Amy L. Seger, Pre-Elementary Education, Jasper, Indiana
Kimberly A. Shelly, Nursing, Carmel, Indiana
Alicia N. Simpson, Mathematics, Troy, Ohio
Jessica L. Skrobul, Elementary Education, DeMotte, Indiana
Cory R. Slade, Marketing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Debra L . Smale, Greenwood, Indiana
Caleb Z. Small, Marketing, Arcadia, Indiana
Brant Smith, English, Greenwood, Indiana
Reginald J. Smith, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jeremy J. Snyder, Marketing, Angola, Indiana
Samantha R. Sorg, Pre-Elementary Education, Churubusco, Indiana
Emily J. Spalding, Elementary Education, Fountain City, Indiana
Michelle N. Spangler, Nursing, McCordsville, Indiana
Hannah  J. Spencer, Exploratory, Greencastle, Indiana
Briana C. Spiegl, Sociology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Valerie F. Spradlin, Exploratory, Westfield, Indiana
Lauren J. Sprague, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Plainfield, Indiana
Kyla P. Stamper, Biology, Columbus, Indiana
Anthony R. Stange, Catholic Studies, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Matthew R. Staninger, Marketing, Highland, Indiana
Sarah Stapp, Nursing, Greenfield, Indiana
Jessica H. Stark, Political Science, Indianapolis, Indiana
Chelsea C. Steele, Psychology, Brownsburg, Indiana
Gabriella K. Steele, Psychology, Greenwood, Indiana
Jeffrey M. Stegbauer, Catholic Studies, Mason, Ohio
Amber L. Stetzel, Accounting, Huntington, Indiana
Brian A. Stevens, Indianapolis, Indiana
Amanda E. Suhan, Nursing, Noblesville, Indiana
Nicole M. Svorinic, Sport Performance, Avon, Indiana
Loralee S. Sweet, Nursing, Cicero, Indiana
Theodore J. Swogger, English, Connersville, Indiana
Adiam G. Teklehaimanot, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Andrew  M. Thomas, Catholic Studies, Vincennes, Indiana
William D. Thompson, Psychology, Westfield, Indiana
Christofer P. Tinajero, Biology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Emily M. Tomlinson, Pre-Elementary Education, Leo, Indiana
Mitchell E. Trammel, Biology, Brownsburg, Indiana
Nathaniel H. Truitt, Elementary Education, Indianapolis, Indiana
Amanda M. Tutrow, Biology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Diane M. Tuttle, Greenwood, Indiana
Kelsey M. Uebelhor, Marketing, St. Anthony, Indiana
Jacob A. VanDeman, Marketing, Whiteland, Indiana
Carrie A. VanDerGoore, Pittsboro, Indiana
Mariana Velasquez, Nursing, Plainfield, Indiana
Stacy D. Vervynckt, Psychology, Plymouth, Indiana
Andrew R. Voss, Marketing, Lake Zurich, Illinois
Rebecca L. Wagner, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Osgood, Indiana
Samantha M. Wagner, Sport Performance, Carmel, Indiana
Aleasha M. Walker, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Jamie M. Waller, Music, Palmyra, Indiana
Jennifer J. Warran, Indianapolis, Indiana
Marcus A. Watts, Sport Performance, Indianapolis, Indiana
Justin L. Wedgewood, Catholic Studies, Mitchell, Indiana
Melinda S. Weiss, Spanish, Haubstadt, Indiana
Cynthia C. Wellman, Marketing, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Morgan  A. Wells, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Greenwood, Indiana
Jeffrey L. Wendling, Nursing, Fishers, Indiana
Carolyn A. Whitacre, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Alex John Wieseler, Finance, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Erin M. Wieting, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana
Elizabeth A. Wilkinson, Nursing, Brownsburg, Indiana
Jessica L. Williams, Theology, Noblesville, Indiana
Jessica L. Williams, Biology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Kendra G. Wilmes, Graphic Design, Ferdinand, Indiana
Mathew T. Winters, Psychology, Mason, Ohio
Courtney M. Wisker, Nursing, Carmel, Indiana
Tyler J. Witham, Management, Cicero, Indiana
Jacob M. Witucki, Philosophy, Terre Haute, Indiana
Thomas J. Wood, Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Brownsburg, Indiana
Alex Yeftich, Management, Plainfield, Indiana
Sharisse C. Yoder, Management , Topeka, Indiana
David E. Yohe, Marketing, Willoughby, Ohio
Katherine M. Young, Accounting, Indianapolis, Indiana
Adriana I. Zermeno, Psychology, Indianapolis, Indiana
Ashley L. Zurcher-Tolbert, Nursing, Indianapolis, Indiana