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Marian's Adult Programs to Host Court of Appeals Live Oral Argument - 4/4/2012

On Tuesday, April 10, the Indiana Court of Appeals will be on Marian's Adult Programscampus for a live oral argument, starting at 4 p.m. in the Marian University Theatre in Marian Hall. The court will consist of a three judge panel: Judge Ezra Friedlander, Judge Patricia Riley, and Judge Paul Mathias, accompanied by attorneys, bailiffs, and court staff and coordinators. This event is being hosted as part of our launch of the new paralegal studies degree in Marian’s Adult Programs. The entire Marian University community is welcome to attend.

Oral arguments are public events that the court will publicize through a news release; all of the Marian County Judges will be invited to attend. Both sides will present an argument. The theater will be set up like an actual courtroom, and courtroom etiquette, policies, and procedures will apply. The audience will stand for the judges at the direction of the bailiff. No cell phones or video cameras will be allowed; reporters, including student journalists, must ask the court’s permission to video or photograph the oral argument.

After the oral argument, the judges will conduct an informal question and answer session about the law, the courts, justice, and judiciary in general—but not about the case just heard. The decision will be handed down within a week of two after the live event. Refreshments will be available after the event.

For more information about this event, please contact Lesley Neff, Director of Educational Services, at For more information about the Court of Appeals and bios on the Judges on the panel, please go to