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Undergraduate Symposium in Sciences Features Student Research - 12/2/2011

Students in the School of Mathematics and Sciences and Institute for Green and Sustainable Science presented their research in a poster presentation on December 2, 2011. Research projects ranged from a study of White-Tailed Ptarmigan in Glacier National Forest to an analysis of hydrogen evolution from ammonia borane and sodium borohydride.
PaigeStamperStudents in the School of Mathematics and Sciences learn science by doing science. In this photo, Paige Stamper (in the green sweater) presents information about her internships at Sherry Laboratories.
During the fall semester, they had opportunities to not only conduct publication-worthy research, but also to showcase their talents for the campus community. "These opportunities set them apart from other sciences students, and it is important that we support their academic endeavors," said Dr. Loren Bertocci, dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences.
CarlLecherTomSublettIn this photo, Dr. Carl Lecher (left) and Tom Sublett discuss his presention on hydrogen evolution.
Student presenters and their publications were:
MATT BLACK: Beaver Canal Geomorphology and Relationship to Beaver-cut Stumps
AMY BUENO: Internship at Covance: The Acrylamide Method
GRACE DIBLE: Exploring Sub-lethal Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Morphology and Behavior in Aquatic Organisms
LAUREN GUNDERSON: Novel Bench-top Ligand-free Heck Reactions in Water
SAM JORDAN: Move, Adapt, or Die: White-tailed Ptarmigan Changes in Distribution, Habitat Preference, and Number in Glacier National Park, Montana
KYLE MCFERRAN: Does Honeysuckle Removal Affect Soil Microflora?
TIFFANY SCHENDEL: Does Male Color Affect Female Sexual Behavior in Beta Fish?
ANDREW SCHROEDER: Habitat Fragmentation Changes and the Influence on Diversity of Song Sparrow Behavioral Aggression
NICK SOMMERS: Beaver Food Preference Based on Buffet-style Feeding Trials
PAIGE STAMPER: Internship in Chemistry at Sherry Laboratories
TOM SUBLETT: Quantitative Analysis of Hydrogen Evolution from Ammonia Borane and Sodium Borohydride
AMBER SUITERS: Beaver Lodge Thermal Dynamics
JEREMY VATES: Modeling Hydrogen Atom Sequestration in Siloxane Cages
JACK WRIGHT: The Effects of Invasive Garlic Mustard on Microclimate
JACK WRIGHT, SAM JORDAN, & MATT BLACK: Optimal Foraging in Birds