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Tawnya McCrary - Featured MAP Student - 9/4/2009

Tawna McCrary Leaving a legacy of love, hope and promise

Tawyna McCrary’s story is an inspiration to all of us. Her educational journey in Marian’s Adult Programs began in 2006. She earned her associate’s degree in August of 2008 and hopes to graduate in December with her bachelor’s degree. Her experiences in the program have helped her “become a more well-rounded individual.” According to her, “Participating in MAP has broadened my thought process both from a personal and professional aspect. I have improved my business management and human resource skills and feel that the knowledge will prove to be mutually beneficial for me as well as any organization.”

McCrary states, “It is not easy to balance work, school, personal, and professional obligations. I have learned to literally take life one second, one minute, one hour, and then one day at a time. This is how you truly live and enjoy life.” This process is what helped her achieve her goal writing and publishing a book.

“As women, we all share some commonalities when it comes to relationships with men, our children, our families, our friends, etc. There are times when we are faced with a challenging situation or set of circumstances in which we just don’t know what to do or how to handle. This book offers an uplifting alternative on how to handle certain situations. Women from all walks of life will be able to identify with several of the situations presented within the various chapters,” shares McCrary.

Although her book was designed with women in mind, she has realized that men are relating to her writing as well. She is excited that they are avid, interested readers too. McCrary hopes that her readers will, “understand that there are several people who experience negative situations in life and need positive motivation and support.” These readers are not alone. “I thank God for all of the negative situations and experiences because he allowed me to go through those things for a reason. I believe the reason is so that I can share my story with others, if for nothing else than to offer them some hope and encouragement. Our lives are meant to be a testimony to others; however, the key is to help those who are in need,” reflects McCrary. Those interested in learning more about Woman to Woman may visit,,, or The book may also be ordered in-store at Borders and Barnes and Noble.

McCrary has a few words of wisdom for others interested in writing a publishing their own book. “Writing the book was the easy part. The hard part was working through the publishing process. I would recommend researching several different self-publishing options before making a decision. Setting a realistic budget and timeline for release also helps. The whole process takes a lot of patience, determination, perseverance and prayer.”