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MAP Honors Graduates - 6/23/2010

Marian University Commencement CeremonyThe weather outside was extremely chilly at Commencement on Saturday, May 8, 2010, but nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of the graduates participating in the ceremony held at St.Vincent Health Field. Congratulations to all 174 MAP graduates represented, those earning their degrees in May 2010, as well as those who earned their degrees in August 2009 and December 2009.

May 2010 MAP graduates earning bachelor’s degrees:

Eileen Allen
Stephanie Black
NaTanza Bratcher
Amanda Brinker
Joliba Brogan
Catrica Brown
Jacquelyne Brown
Bethany Dill
Fetima Dugger
Angela Elkins
John Fisher
Annette Freeman
Sacha Fuller
Katrina Gaddis
Bobbie Gamble
Cora Gant-Collins
Sheila Griffin
Terry Hedges
Melissa Himes
Jennifer Hogue
Christine Hosp
Marianne Howard
Ena Hunt
Michael Jackson
Cheryl Jelks
John Keesling

Alex Knowles
Gregory Lee
Amey Lupinsky
Mary Martin
Asia McCloud-Turner
Tawnya McCrary
Christina Newsom
Thomas Pawlowski
Robert Payne
Christa Poisal
Kimberly Rafferty
Daralyn Schneider
Jonathan Shaw
Mary Shepherd
Chelsea Shumaker
Noel Sutton
Melanie Taylor
Tanisha Towns
Wesley Townsend
Cynthia Walden
Candace Watts
Loretta Williams
Tina Williamson
Alissa Willis
Cedric Wilson
Sharon Wulf

May 2010 MAP graduates earning associate’s degrees:

Shanise Abrams
Kelly Aucremanne
Jennifer Bedinger
Christopher Bedolla
Lisa Boltz
Kelly Cesnik
Amber Clarke
Debbie Cooper
Diane Curran
Cynthia Dean
Tasha Denton
Kristi Espiritu
Cherie Forbes
Kim Gerard
Esther Glotzbach

Brian Gray
Cheryl Griffith
Robin Herring
Brian Hull
Angela Jacks
Vonda Jones
Rafael Mount
Sholanda Owens
Wade Reeves
Steven Susemichel
Maisha Temple
Karen Terrell
Kristie Willis
Donna Young