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Make-Up Policy Change and Scheduling Information - 6/23/2010

The fall 2010 semester will bring changes to MAP’s make-up policy, as well as opportunities to register for elective courses such as Speaking Like the Spanish and Prior Learning Assessment: The Portfolio. Finance and business technology courses have also been scheduled through next year to aid in your planning.

Beginning in August, Term 1, MAP will implement a new make-up policy. As currently outlined in the MAP handbook, the policy states, “While MAP has an attendance policy that allows for emergency absences, instructors have discretion in whether they allow students to make-up missed work such as exams, quizzes, or presentations. If a faculty member does allow for work to be made up, it must be scheduled and completed prior to the next class meeting, and a 10 percent grade penalty will be assessed. Make-up policies will be outlined on each instructor’s syllabus.” Remember to review your syllabus carefully each term, to make sure you understand your instructor’s policies.

Also, please note that in the upcoming academic year, all four courses making up the finance concentration will be offered at the main campus, one each during terms 2, 4, 6, and 8. The four courses making up the business technology concentration will be offered at the Keystone location in terms 1, 3, 5, and 7.

COL 108: Prior Learning Assessment: The Portfolio is on the fall schedule in Term 3 at Keystone. This is a prerequisite to writing portfolios for credit for life and work experience, and is not offered every semester. If you have any interest in alternative ways to earn credit for your degree, you’ll want to talk to your advisor to see how this course might help.

For students interested in being able to converse at a novice level, or for those who just need a one credit hour course, SPA 115: Speaking Like the Spanish will be offered at the Lawrence Central location in Term 2.