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MAP Gets Involved - 6/23/2010

One of the great things about students in MAP is their self-sufficiency. One of the unfortunate things about MAP students is their self-sufficiency. That sounds contradictory, but here’s what it means. There are many organizations, projects, and committees within the university asking for student participation. Our inboxes are often flooded with information and invitations. Unless we happen to hear it from a student, or through the grapevine, the MAP staff, more than likely, would not know when one of our students gets involved. And, here’s the bad part…we assume no one is.

Lately we’ve found that this isn’t the case. One MAP student is in the Chamber Choir; another student responded to an invitation to attend an operations meeting; one volunteered to take an assessment for possibly becoming a peer tutor, and still another has brought her children and joined in service projects through campus ministry.

The MAP staff heartily encourages more students to explore ways to get involved. The university wants students in the MAP program to know they belong to the Marian University community. True, it’s more difficult for adult commuter students to get involved because classes are held at various locations, not just the main campus, but it’s worth the effort.

Get involved!