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Introduction to Theology Now Offered Online - 1/13/2011

In addition to four science courses, Marian’s Adult Programs now offers THL 105 Introduction to Theology in an online format. A required course for all MAP students, Introduction to Theology will continue to be offered in a five-week, classroom-based setting, as well as the new online version which is scheduled in session eight.

While online courses require commitment and dedication, they also offer many advantages for busy working adults. Students are able to plan their study time when it is convenient for them. The course material is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using the Internet to attend class, research information, and communicate with other students teaches skills in technologies that are essential to workers in the 21st century business community. Although it may not be a major reason you choose to pursue an online class, enhancement of your personal growth and commitment is a definite advantage to be gained.

Online courses are designed in an eight-week format. To find out the differences in policies and procedures that apply to these classes and to get registered, speak with your academic advisor.