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Faculty Spotlight on Sandra Oliva - 1/13/2011

Sandy OlivaSandra Oliva, adjunct professor, has been with Marian’s Adult Programs for 10 years. Oliva loves teaching at Marian University "because I love teaching adults. They bring a variety of work experience into the classroom. That, coupled with their appreciation for education and the benefits it can bring, keeps me returning year after year." Having had experience in adult education before teaching at Marian University, Oliva said, "The atmosphere at Marian University is superior to what I had encountered before."

Oliva teaches a variety of courses, including English Composition, Professional Writing, Literature (The Short Story), and Speaking Like the Spanish. Recently added to her repertoire is Introduction to Spanish I. "I have waited 10 years for the opportunity to teach this class at Marian University," exclaimed Oliva. Her passion for Spanish started at an early age. She explained, "I started Spanish at the age of eight. I loved it because it was exotic, and my knowledge made me somewhat different at that time. Not many people in Indiana were bilingual back then. I continued with it, because I loved every aspect of the language and culture. I was a ‘Latin soul in a Gringa body’." Oliva authored a book entitled Follow Me to Peru.

In addition to teaching in MAP, Oliva is also a middle school teacher in Indianapolis and is proud of her long career in education. Blessed to be surrounded by her family, Oliva and her husband, Jorge, have two children, Victoria and Joel, whom she describes as wonderful. About their children she proclaimed, "I would like to think I am totally responsible for that, but I have to give credit to a very supportive husband and extended family, as well as the fact that they are just good kids." Oliva’s family consists of her father, sister, nephew, niece, and a ‘large Peruvian family’ that was inherited when she married Jorge.