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Congratulations to MAP Graduates - 5/26/2011

Job well done, graduates! On May 7, 2011, 56 MAP students were awarded bachelor’s degrees and 17 students earned associate’s degrees. Hard work and dedication have paid off for the 73 individuals listed below, and serve as encouragement to other MAP students who will reach those goals one day.

Stanly Baldwin and family   
Wade Reeves and Wife

"Marian’s Adult Programs gave me hope for the future. It was a godsend at this point in my life."   -Stanley Baldwin and wife and daughter

"The MAP program had a solution for every problem I had with other basic college programs as a working adult. This being said, it still would not have been possible without my family network." -Wade Reeves

Bachelor of Business Administration

Shanise Abrams
Stanley Baldwin
Brad Barritt
Christopher Bedolla
Paula Berry
Jeffery Bickley
Dana Bois
Lisa Boltz
Marti Bowman
Lorraine Braun
Richard Breeding
LaKisha Browder
Ta Wanna Buchanan  
Wendy Buckler
Timothy Cardis
Patricia Clemons
Shaunte Cobb
Brandi Coffin-Grantham
Della Conley                

Dawn Cope
Jennifer Cox
Sarah Drake
Tiffany Fields
Shawn Freeman
Damaris Galan
Shannon Galloway
Leslie Gieseking
Tracy Gilbert
Esther Glotzbach
Mary Gonzalez
Cheryl Griffith
David Heavrin
Lolita Honore’
Sandra Irani
Becky Jensen
Gurline Jones
Whitney Kern
Stephanie Ligon           

Lisa Linn
Ruth Lipscomb
David Mercer
Mia Montgomery
Kristie Moore
Rafael Mount
Gloria Mwanza
Sholanda Owens
Laura Poynter
Wade Reeves
Courtney Richardson
Denise Riddle
Andrew Ries
Tiffany Rogers
Deborah Shoulders
Maisha Temple
Liduvina Torres
Crystal Vogel
Timothy Whitman

Leslie Gieseking and Mother    
 Richard Breeding and family

"MAP allowed me to balance it all—family, work, and school—to fulfill my dream of a college education from a great academic institution."         -Leslie Gieseking

"I had my first appointment with a MAP advisor in early 2006. I can’t believe how quickly the time went!" -Richard Breeding with wife, Tina, and daughters Tori and Kaitlyn

Associate of Business Administration

Darryl Alexander         
Michelle DeJones
Stephanie Echols
Tracy Gray
Heather Hill-Cole
Tracy Jones

Ebony Lewis
Larry Motes II
Kewana Parker
Angela Parton
Teri Sluder
Debra Smale

Brian Stevens
Larry Swango
David Wairimu
Caitlin Ward
Dawn Williamson

Gurline Jones

"Through MAP, I had a chance to study at Harlaxton College in England. This experience broadened my horizon and enforced my belief that you are never too old to learn!" -Gurline Jones