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Attendance and Classroom Etiquette: What Difference Does It Make? - 5/26/2011

Having an attendance policy protects the integrity of the investment you are making as an adult—in your education, your future. The curriculum in MAP has been developed to challenge the adult learner. We don’t want to be just another accelerated program. We want to be known as the best accelerated program. Like you, when you have completed your degree and put graduate of Marian University on your resume, we want it to take your resume to the top of the stack.

For every policy, there is a valid reason. Students who consistently attend class, arrive on time, and leave only when class is over gain more knowledge, and that is reflected in their overall results. One emergency absence is always allowed when a class meets five times, and two emergency absences are allowed when enrolled in a class that has more than five meetings. But, the keywords here are emergency and allowed. Have you noticed how many emergencies seem to happen on any given "week two"?

Rarely, but occasionally, a class must be cancelled at the last moment due to instructor illness or an otherwise unexpected situation. If this should occur on the first meeting night of a new term, which actually did happen in term 6 of the spring 2011 semester, that simply pushes the start date of the term out to the following week. In other words, week two becomes that class’s week one. Make-up dates for all courses in a semester are published with each new schedule release. The make-up date for that term or session is automatically factored in as one of the meeting nights, keeping the course on track and on schedule.

Also, technology is a wonderful thing, but should be kept in its proper place. Please turn cell phones, iPads, and other distracting devices off while you are in the classroom. Each class has scheduled breaks at which time you can check your e-mail or call your family. Please dedicate the class time you’re paying for to the education you and your classmates around you deserve.