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Indiana Chamber of Commerce Publishes Article about the College of Osteopathic Medicine - 1/13/2011

In January of 2011, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce published an article about Marian University's college of osteopathic medicine in its flagship publication, BizVoice. The article, entitled "Tackling the Shortage," clearly explains the state's urgent healthcare crisis and the university's vision to help provide more doctors via a new medical school.
BizVoice Magazine
The medical school's founding dean, Dr. Paul Evans, explains in the article that osteopathic medicine has a traditional history of graduating more primary care physicians – one of the reasons the new college will benefit the state and help quell the shortage of physicians in underserved areas.
Marian University president Daniel J. Elsener talks about the university's financial commitment to this project in the article. "In the last 16 months, we’ve had a commitment of $30 million, a commitment of $18 million, two of $5 million,” Elsener notes with pride. “Our needs the next five to eight years will be $210 million to $250 million. For an institution this size to raise that kind of money is flat unheard of. We are a religious people here, and we don’t throw out the term miraculous lightly. But this is a miracle born out of a real need in the world.”