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Ad Campaign Launches November 8 in the Indianapolis Business Journal - 11/4/2010

Marian University is launching the largest single advertising campaign in its history to promote the Marian University Academy for Teaching and Learning Leadership in the Indianapolis Business Journal. A combination of print ads, including a full-page, back cover ad in the November 8 issue, Top List e-alerts, search sponsorship, and digital ads on the IBJ site make up the aggressive campaign.

500 in Five Years

The leadership academy curriculum is designed to provide school leaders with the values, knowledge, skills, and performances for school leaders to develop the very best schools in the world. “The leaders we are training will be agents of change, and so we have recruited world-renowned scholars and experts as part of the national faculty,” said academy director and dean of the School of Education, Dr. Lindan Hill. Learn more about the academy on the web site.

The university’s Office of Marketing Communications, under the direction of vice president Bob Golobish, is launching an equally aggressive companion campaign across its social networks. A new tab, 500 in Five Years, has been created for the Marian University Indianapolis Facebook page, and ongoing tweets will alert Twitter followers of MUNews. Discussions on LinkedIn and Smaller Indiana are also a part of the cross promotion. The university will use its e-mail subscriber list to alert alumni, students, faculty, staff, and others in the community to the campaign.

“Today, it isn’t enough to buy traditional media and expect it to carry the entire load of producing the results you want,” said Golobish. “We need to reach a wide spectrum of people, many of whom simply aren’t tuned in to traditional media,” he continued.

Check out the Facebook page and if you are on Twitter, follow MUNews for updates. Use the hashtag #WaitingforSuperman in your tweets.