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Cycling PowerBooster Classes - 11/11/2009

The cycling center at Marian University has expanded its PowerBooster class offerings for the 2009-10 training season. Group classes began in September 2009 and run through mid-March 2010.

PowerBoosters utilizes an eight-rider Computrainer system. This advanced indoor multi-rider set-up allows the rider and coach to monitor, via projection screen, individual power (wattage), speed, distance, caloric expenditure, and optimal heart rate. Using this data, the coaches, Dean Peterson and Brett Stewart, can hone in on each individual’s specific training needs.

“The true beauty of the program is that one can receive all the benefits of a group fitness class (encouragement, socializing, fun) while still receiving a personally defined workout,” commented Coach Stewart, who recently joined the cycling coaching staff at Marian University to manage the cycling center and assist with the coaching during the mountain, cyclocross, and road seasons.

Each session builds on the next and riders are instructed on drills and various prescribed cycling intervals designed to increase cycling-specific efficiency, power, and overall output. PowerBoosters is great for those with summer racing goals, triathletes, or those that just want to get into shape and lose some unwanted weight fast and effectively.

Race Ready, the final class of the spring, is an expansion of the already popular PowerBoosters and prepares riders to enter the spring racing season. However unlike PowerBoosters, Race Ready focuses less on drills and lower intensity work and more on "snap" and high intensity spurts to transition cyclists into the racing season. Results: pre- and post-testing results of every participant over the past two years have revealed an average eight percent LT power increase by the end of each 6-8 week class.


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