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Students Lead Summer Seminar Series - 7/14/2009

On July 15, 2009, Marian University’s Office of Marketing Communications and Office of Alumni Affairs work-study students will hold the first student-led seminar series in Marian University history.

The students will present six different 15-minute presentations, followed by group discussion sessions, in their seminar series “Where Were We, Where Are We, and Where Are We Going?” The seminar series is open to students, faculty, and staff (faculty and staff can find a full description of events in their mail shelf). The presentations cover a variety of topics:
  • Wednesday, July 15
    Saint Francis, the Knight, and our Franciscan Heritage
  • Friday, July 17
    Cathedral Metaphor
  • Wednesday, July 22
    Mary and Marian University
  • Friday, July 24
    Blue Ocean Strategy: Strategic Marketing Planning for the Future
  • Monday, July 27
    Duns Scotus and Marian Hall
  • Wednesday, July 29
    Mother Clarissa Dillhoff and Clare Hall
    The seminars will take place from 1-2 p.m. in Fisher Hall, room 16 and will be videotaped by Marian University library staff.

While the majority of students, faculty, and staff are familiar with the story of Saint Francis, there are parts of the story that are not as well known. Bob Golobish, vice president for marketing communications, points out, “Not everyone knows the story of Saint Francis. Who better to tell it than the students?” Golobish also notes that not many students, faculty, and staff  know that Duns Scotus’ message helped shape Marian University’s core values or that Clare Hall wasn’t actually named after Saint Clare but Mother Clarissa Dillhoff.

Golobish says, “We want to share what we’ve learned about why we have our connections to Mary, the knight, and Saint Francis.” The seminars provide a way to share the stories of the university’s Franciscan heritage and history.

Learning about the university’s history is an important part of shaping the future of the institution. The seminars are completely student-led. The students were divided into two groups; both groups are responsible for researching, promoting, and presenting their topics, giving them a valuable work experience to help them in their future careers.

“We’ve asked our work-studies to take the initiative to do something we’ve never done before,” Golobish says. “It’s innovative, not imitative. The students are here during the summer and are used to doing academic research, so it seems natural to ask them to reflect on the past and explore the future.”

The first presentation, “Saint Francis, the Knight, and Our Franciscan Heritage,” will be held on July 15 from 1-2 p.m. in Fisher Hall, room 16.