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New Theatre Minor Approved - 4/2/2009

On March 20, a general theatre minor was approved; it will be in effect in the fall semester of the 2009-10 academic year.

The new minor will emphasize both technical theatre courses, which develop leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills, and performance courses, which enhance communication skills. All theatre minors will be required to take a core group of classes in acting, production, and design while enjoying a wider selection of electives to choose from that pertain to their interests in performance, technical theatre, or both.

The 18-hour theatre minor allows students to work in areas that cater to their specific interests, with specialized classes in theatre design, backstage and technical theatre, and acting, with opportunities to explore music, art, communication, and English. Classes include hands-on learning in THE 108, Theatre Activities, where students participate backstage or onstage in any Marian College Department of Performing Arts production.

Lynne Perkins-Socey has been hired to teach acting; she will work with Kristopher D. Steege, assistant professor of theatre and director of theatre at Marian College. Perkins-Socey is a professional director and actress and is a freelance acting teacher in Indianapolis.