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San Damiano Scholars Reach Out to Prospective Students - 12/18/2008

Watch the video about San Damiano Scholars at Marian College.

A group of San Damiano Scholars have decided to reach out to prospective students through video.

By converting a dorm room into a production studio and borrowing a video camera from the campus library, they created a three-minute video highlighting their experiences with the program—and Marian College. The students in the video, in order of appearance, are:

  • Sarah Selby, sophomore education major from Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Jeff Dufrefne, freshman theology major from Dayton, Ohio
  • Melissa Hollowell, sophomore nursing major from Indianapolis, Indiana

“They are extremely happy with Marian College, they are extremely happy with the San Damiano Scholars Program, and they wanted more students to be a part of it,” according to Mark Erdosy, director of church relations and the San Damiano Scholars Program. “They asked me if they could produce a video about it. They saw video as the best way to reach other students who might be interested in the college and the program.”

According to Mark, this video is the first in a series that the students are planning—they also want to produce videos that show the service projects and “fun stuff” they do as San Damiano Scholars at Marian College. They hope to post more videos on YouTube over the next several months.

For more information about the San Damiano Scholar program at Marian College, visit the Marian College web site or contact Mark Erdosy at 317.955.6783 or To support fundraising efforts, contact Ken Scheer at 317.955.6204 or