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Spots Available in Marian College Summer Math and Science Camps - 7/11/2008

Calling all parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends of young people who might want to attend one of the remaining Marian College Summer Math and Science Camps!

There are a few spots still available for the following remaining camps:

Can We Save the Earth?
July 21-25 for grades 6-8.
Students will learn about the some of the environmental issues facing the world today, like melting ice caps, the shortage of fuel supplies, and the loss of plant and animal species, what changes may occur in their lifetime, and how technology and science can help.

Myths and Misconceptions
July 28-August 1 for grades 9-11.
Did Ben Franklin’s kite really get struck by lightning? Does water swirl down a sink in the opposite direction in the U.S. than it does in Australia? Students will explore ideas in science and math that are widely believed to be true, but may be myths and misconceptions.

For more information, visit the Life Science Education Center at Marian College web site or contact Janice Hicks Slaughter, director of K-12 programming and outreach for the Marian College School of Mathematics and Sciences, at or 317.524.7701.