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Marian College Invitation for a Presidential Debate - 4/25/2008

A bipartisan group of Nobel laureates, college and university presidents, and business leaders recently encouraged Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain to participate in a debate concerning our nation’s commitment to scientific research and technological advancement at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a supporter of the debate, Marian College President Daniel J. Elsener was disappointed when all three declined the invitation.  

The effort to have the debate at the Franklin Institute is part of Science Debate 2008, a grassroots effort to encourage the presidential candidates to articulate a serious agenda to promote the importance of science and technology in our country. Despite the candidates’ reluctance to talk about science and technology, this debate needs to occur.

The presidential candidates will now be focusing their efforts on Indiana. Since Science Debate 2008 did not happen in Philadelphia; on Wednesday, April 23rd, President Elsener sent an op-ed to Tim Swarens of The Indianapolis Star inviting all three candidates to hold their debate here in Indianapolis, the crossroads of America. In the op-ed President Elsener publicly invited Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain to come to Marian College and go toe-to-toe in a televised debate on how they will ensure that the United States continues to lead the world in these most important disciplines.  

Coincidentally, Thursday morning the Star took an editorial position calling for a debate in Indiana. The task is now to put the role science and technology will play in our nation's future on the agenda for the debate and, of course, to have the debate at Marian College.