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2008 Catholic Strengths, Stewardship, and Engagement Summit - 4/8/2008

On May 15-16, Marian College will host the 2008 Catholic Stewardship, Strengths, and Engagement Summit, a two-day program that presents an innovative, Christ-centered approach to understanding stewardship of talent and time, as well as how parishes can increase member participation and service to others.

Learning about this approach will help participants understand why every person has unique, God-given talents; how a person can identify those talents and develop them; why some parishioners are committed and engaged...others are apathetic... and still others are antagonistic; and how this approach can strengthen parish life and promote ongoing spiritual renewal.

In order to help participants identify and develop their God-given talents, the summit will introduce them to the Clifton StrengthsFinder, its use in the parish, and the concepts of parishioner engagement.

Visit the Marian College Center for Catholic Stewardship web page for more information. To register, contact Jean Zander, associate director of the Marian College Center for Catholic Stewardship, at 317.955.6152 or