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Success Stories: I AM a Knight!
Marian University
Success Stories: I AM a Knight! 

Allison Boike
I am heavily involved with theatre at Marian University, appearing in campus productions of Crossing Delancey, The Twin Menaechmi, and She Loves Me, as well as Performing Knights Club shows, the most recent a collection of 10-minute plays.
Jason Salisbury
The community aspect really drew me in and made me feel at home.
Carol Junk
Studying at Marian University, with their outstanding faculty and staff, has allowed me to build a strong foundation for my career. Marian University’s program gave me confidence and assured me of a bright future.
Cassie Freestone
Marian University gave me the ability to play sports, receive a great education, and participate in activities that would broaden my horizons.
Jeremy Blackwood

"I look back fondly on the foundations that Marian University provided me, in terms of both academics and faith. My life and my faith have never been the same.”

Matthew Hostetler
“My education has given me the tools I need to be an active participant in my community intellectually and spiritually. I am the passionate, self-motivated person Marian University has shaped me into today.”
Kindra Bandy

“I know the credentials I receive from Marian University will give me a favorable advantage in graduate school and my future career. I’m getting more than just an education.”

Alyssa Simpson
You sometimes have to be creative with your golf shots when you get a bad lie, likewise with nursing, you have to think your way through a challenge with a patient.
Heather Slieker
Marian University provides so many opportunities for students to get involved and find their passion.
Dalila Huerta
Marian University has given me an intellectual perspective that helps me critique and understand the world better.
Matt Duncan
“The San Damiano Scholars Program has given me a renewed appreciation for my faith and a greater thirst for serving others and learning more about my Catholic faith and the Franciscan values.”
Greg Bardonner

“My professors at Marian University invested their time and talent to make me a great teacher. They were fantastic role models and inspired me to excel and enjoy teaching.”

Cameron McDowell
I focused my studies on immigration, firearm possession, and illegal narcotics use through the lens of sociology. I was able to take advantage of opportunities, like my internships, that will help my career as I continue to learn about social issues.
Amey Lupinsky
My employer recognizes the significance and value that my Marian University degree offers and the benefits this degree and my education bring to the organization.
Meredith Riley
I liked the small-school, family atmosphere and knew that I would be able to build strong relationships and form close bonds with the faculty.
Mike Cancilla
When I am able to perform, the rewards are well worth the struggle.
Sr. Jackie McCracken, OSF
The Catholic and Franciscan identity and small community atmosphere made all the difference.
Courtney Smallwood
My professors encouraged me to take advantage of as many opportunities as I could, like studying abroad or taking the internship with the mayor’s office.
Mary Lou Garcia, BSN, RN, CNOR
“I’m proud to be a nurse serving the healthcare industry in Indiana and I’m proud to be a Knight!"
Jacqui Payne
Everyone I met seemed to love Marian University. That feeling was contagious.
Autumn Martin
I got more than a degree—I learned how to be a better employee and a better person.
Jeffrey Steinbronn 
I help students get energized and enthusiastic about science. Even better, they are thinking about college, which means they are focused on graduating from high school.
Tony Watt
The benefits of my education and experience here--inquiry, analysis, ethics, and moral and social understanding—enrich my life to this day.
Cindy Muhlenkamp
Marian University has helped me dig deep to find out who I really am and who I want to become.
Michele Lyons

“Marian University has instilled in me a sense of accomplishment that I never thought I would feel and has made me feel like I can do anything if I just put my mind to it.”

Lee Sibley
The “Marian University way” of educating—supportive, caring, and engaging—has given me the confidence to move forward on my personal journey.
John T. Cardis
I earned a framework for ongoing character development and decision-making that helped propel me to a leadership role. A sense of ethics and moral behavior was developed that not only guides me, but also impacts those with whom I work and live.
Caitlin Johns
Marian University has opened my eyes to the larger world through its focus on social justice. This may be a small campus, but its worldview is like a telescope.
Priscila Brito
I found direction through mentoring and encouragement.
Sara Claiborne
I loved being part of such a close community. It just felt right to be there.
Tyler Tenbarge

"Marian University has concerned, encouraging, intelligent, and compassionate teachers and staff. I learned much about my faith, about philosophy and psychology, and how to serve others."

Drew Johnson
The classes were great and the professors often allow class to proceed as a discussion rather than a lecture. This is the main reason I chose to become a professor at a small liberal arts school.
Rebecca Goetz
I gained a sense of self-confidence that has directly translated into other areas of my life—like starting my own business.
Corrine Purvis
I instantly fell in love with the friendly atmosphere and people who genuinely care about you. After four years of attending Marian University, that hasn’t changed.
Susan Wong
I taught Indiana student’s mathematical theory from a unique global perspective.
Kyle Hinkle
Marian University is a great school and it helped prepare me for the real world.
Dr. Carl Lecher
I am preparing students to address tomorrow’s challenges with environmentally friendly chemistry.
Arthur Spencer
I met the nicest people at Marian University. I even met the president! It’s just a really friendly environment.
Jerry Wagner
Being located in Indianapolis in a park-like setting and having a high ratio of professors to students, Marian University offered the chance to be in a big city, but also gave me the interaction with professors that I was looking for academically.
Zachary J. Patterson
The Department of History and Social Science prepared me for a multidimensional/multidisciplinary approach to understanding the issues and topics in today’s world
Joseph Greenlee
Because my career aspirations were realized, I am in a position of wanting, and being able, to give back to Marian University.
Tierra Ruffin
“Marian University was the right place to be to grow as an athlete and as an individual.”
Sarah McEwan
Marian University created an excellent environment for me to grow.
Mark Koselke
I went from not knowing which direction to take at all, to knowing a direction.
Reid McDowell
I feel more equipped to be a businessman with integrity and ability.
Jessica Davis
It’s reassuring when people who already have their degrees tell you you’re going to make it and you’re going to be good at it.
Kelsey Uebelhor
"Marian University is a close-knit university with big opportunities that truly prepared me for life.”
Eric Fink
MAP allowed me to start right where I left off once life permitted it.
Joshua Holewczynski
“My degree in mathematics from Marian University gave me a strong foundation to build on."
Carrie Upchurch
"I feel the training and experience I have received at Marian University has been invaluable and I am confident about my future."
Katrina Adams
I want to show my students that I honestly do care about them.
Daniel J. Elsener
I felt called to serve here. My family and I knew of the rich tradition that existed at Marian University, and I saw an opportunity to help it grow and accomplish even more.
Madelaine Miranda Sgroi, DO
Marian University provided a well-rounded background.
Jody Peloza Bentz
I am building bridges between Indianapolis professionals and members of the Spanish-speaking community.
Roxana Moghaddam
I got the theory and practice from the greatest professors who cared about my future.
Eleni Therianos
Marian University prepared me not only through class work, but through real, hands-on experiences.
Jessica Miller
The Department of History and Social Science prepared me well with a curriculum that challenged and strengthened my analytical abilities.
Benton Schafer
“Academically, I have the tools and knowledge I need to succeed."
Bethany Zike-Guilfoy
"I am proud to be a Knight and am truly grateful for a solid education and the outstanding professors that helped shape me to be successful in all my endeavors.”
Ryan Stone
Osteopathic medicine is inherently spiritual due to the personal and physical interaction that the doctors have with their patients.
Becca Finley
I could actively make a difference in people’s lives and see the result of that change.
Reid Leazier
I owe so much to Marian University. My life has been forever changed!
Jason Curry
Music is an important part of being an educated person. People need to take it as seriously as they would history or math.
Ryan Bernhardt
I participated in priceless undergraduate research, played collegiate golf and tennis, and studied under excellent professors.
Maria Solis
There’s always someone there to help you when you need it, and you can tell how much they care.
Greg Esslinger
I look forward to going to work every day and I truly love what I am doing.
Renaud Sicard

“With my determination and the education Marian University has provided, I feel confident that I will achieve success in all my future endeavors.”

Nicole Adams
I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned to make a difference in the world.
Margaret Khan
I chose Marian University because I liked the small campus and how the professors seemed invested in their students’ education. The Franciscan values and the spirituality that is emphasized enhanced my being.
Joey Newton
I gained a lot of confidence and learned that I can do things I didn't think I can do.
James Brockmeier
As a San Damiano Scholar, I knew I was called to live intentionally, to be a leader, to grow as a person, and to discern what God is calling me to do in my life. I was given the support and guidance to do so.
Kathleen Spears
Marian University has been the platform for my success while a student and I feel it will continue to be after graduation.
Mia Horninger
I have become a better leader, a more well-rounded student, and a more critical and creative thinker through my theatre experience.
Matthew Abbott
“My internship in the EcoLab helped me form a true love and respect for God’s creation."
Sarah Waller
I want to be able to pursue my own research and test new ideas and techniques—I want to do things that no one's done before.
Ashley Chandler
The music professors at the university are my second family. They taught me about so much more than music. I learned life skills, and I learned about myself.
Ryan Day
At Marian University, I’m learning how to be a great music teacher. I can’t wait to give other students the same experience I had.
Dane Jarrett
This place is so friendly. Everyone knows each other and you can create great relationships and friendships. It’s like a family.
Claire Ensley
My conversations with the faculty at Marian University challenged me to mature in my faith.
Nancy Werner
I wanted to give other women a chance like I had a chance.
Amy Lynn
Marian University helped me prepare for a career by giving me a voice.
Amy Bueno

“Because of Marian University’s small class sizes, I received a lot of one-on-one training in lab, and this helped me to secure some great internships at Dow AgroSciences LLC and at Covance Inc."

Kevin Koers
I transform science classrooms into interactive learning environments that enrich students’ understanding of science concepts.
Jay Patterson
Students, staff, and faculty have all become part of my family. I have made relationships that will last forever.
Tim Hesler
Marian University’s personalized approach truly distinguished it from other schools, both during the admissions cycle and over the course of my four years on campus.
Lacey Hersman
"I gained classroom experience in four different schools and felt confident walking into my student teaching classroom because of my experience.”
BreAnna Nuñez
Being a San Damiano Scholar means a lot to me. Having the opportunity to help build God’s community is the greatest gift ever.
Megan Oberhausen
Everyday is different and holds a new challenge.
Kimberly Basch
Marian University has given me the necessary skills and confidence to practice as a future registered nurse. I could not ask for more.
Emma Laut

"I love attending Marian University because I feel it was a college made just for me; peers, teachers, and staff members are willing to respect me as a person and seek fellowship together.”

Julie Lasher
I knew this was where I was supposed to be.
Annabelle Ondari
“I have learned a great deal at Marian University so far and I feel that I am getting well prepared for my future.”
Chelsey Edwards
Being part of the music ministry made me think about God in today’s world and how we can spread His message to everyone.
Sean Wilson
My collegiate experience taught me to analyze situations and think critically.