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Kids 'N' Sibs Weekend 2012
Marian University
Kids 'N' Sibs Weekend 2012 

The Office of Student Activities invites the Kids 'N' Sibs of Marian University students, faculty, and staff to Kids 'n Sibs enjoying the bounce housespend a weekend on campus and participate in fun activities. Kids 'N' Sibs Weekend is March 30-April 1, 2012 and is open to siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, your own children, kids you baby-sit, or even your friends’ siblings.


You can register for Kids 'N' Sibs weekend online or by calling 317.955.6438. All registration forms must be received by the Office of Student Activities by March 23, 2012, in order for you to participate in these activities. Registration fees will be collected at check-in during Kids 'N' Sibs Weekend on March 30th.


  • No charge for Marian University Students, including meals. Please be sure to get meal tickets at check-in if you do not have a campus meal plan.
  • Guests under 18 are $10 each for all events and meals during the weekend.
  • Guests 18 and over (spouses, grandparents, etc) are only required to pay for meals. Meals are $6 for Brunch and $7 for dinner.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Activities at 317.955.6438.