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Financial Aid Home
Marian University
I love the faith-based values-oriented environment. The Franciscan values are so much a part of what I'm learning here. 
Financial Aid Home 

Your education is an invaluable investment toward your future and we are here to guide you with scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans. For answers to all of your financial aid questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 800.834.5494, 317.955.6040, or

2012-13 Annual Costs

Full-Time Student (12-20 hours/semester)
$27,300 Tuition and Fees
$  1,200 Books (Estimate)
$28,500 Total Off-Campus Cost

$  8,460 Room and Board
$36,960 Total On-Campus Cost

Part-Time Student (1-11 hours/semester)
$1,200 per credit hour
$350 per credit hour - MAP

 Marian University Net Price Calculator

The Marian University Net Price Calculator provides first-time, full-time, freshmen undergraduate students
with an estimate of their net cost.  By entering student academic and family financial information into the
Marian University Net Price Calculator, we will be able to provide an estimate of eligibility for grants, scholarships, and self-help aid such as loans and workstudy.  The estimate provided is based on 2012-13 academic year costs and aid calculations.