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Four Year Plan
Marian University
Four Year Plan 

Freshman Year
Self Discovery

  • Identify interests, abilities, and values. (Complete Sigi3 assessment at
  • Research majors that match your interests, skills, and values. Seek the counsel of your academic advisor and career services.
  • Attend Student Activities Fair to learn about organizations on campus. Get Involved.
  • Attend a service or career event on campus or in the community.
  • Attend ICS seminars that match your interests.

Sophomore Year
Career Planning

  • Stay involved. Consider joining additional student organizations.
  • Draft a resume and cover letter and have an ICS representative give feedback.
  • Complete a mock interview. Write a thank you note to the interviewer.
  • Create a profile on KnightWork ( Upload your resume.
  • Obtain a summer experience to help build your job skills.
  • Attend ICS seminars that match your interests (e.g. Etiquette Dinner, Networking Knights Reception)

Junior Year
Decision Making/Reflection

  • Stay involved. Consider becoming a leader of a student organization.
  • Update your resume and upload into KnightWork.
  • Complete an internship or another significant experiential learning opportunity (scientific research, A-Team, Ethics Bowl, etc.)
  • Research and visit companies to learn more about their work and available opportunities.
  • Consult your advisor, faculty, and the ICS staff for additional methods in conducting your job search/educational search.
  • Attend ICS seminars that match your interests. (e.g. Etiquette Dinner, Networking Knights Reception)
  • Prepare/practice for GRE or professioal school admission test, if applicable.

Senior Year
Reflection/Job Search

  • Update your resume highlighting academic, professional, and co-curricular success. Upload to KnightWork.
  • Network, research companies, and utilize KnightWork to conduct your job search.
  • Request permission from professionals and professors to include on a list of references.
  • Schedule a mock interview with ICS and receive feedback on your interviewing skills.
  • Attend ICS seminars that match your interests (e.g. Etiquette Dinner, Networking Knights). 
  • Prepare and practice for GRE/professional admissions tests, if applicable.
  • Complete GRE/professional admissions tests, if not completed junior year.
  • Seek guidance regarding CV, purpose statement, etc. from ICS and/or your academic department if pursuing post-graduate study.