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Nomination Information
All applications must include nominations from two individuals who can provide written comments on your participation in community and leadership activities, academic ability, and your intrest in pursuing a career in business.
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Essay Questions
Describe significant leadership activities with which you have been involved:
Describe your intrest and commitment to entrepreneurship as a career:
Describe significant academic accomplishments and awards you have achieved:

The Allison fellowship essay should be a two page document which provides commentary as support of the student's interest in entrepreneurship. The essay may include, but is not limited to, topics of the following:

  • personal or family experience in entrepreneurship
  • how entrepreneurship may help to attain personal goals
  • why you have a personal interest in entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurs as role models for yourself
  • how a study in entrepreneurship is a "value added" component to your college education
  • the importance of entrepreneurship in our local, regional, or national economy

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