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The vision of Marian University is to "provide an education that profoundly transforms lives, society and the world." This is what Marian University seeks to accomplish and, therefore is the reason Marian University exists.

With this statement as our charge and our vision, the School of Business begins the Business Creation and Development program in the fall semester of 2004. As a vehicle to profoundly transform lives, BCD is a value added component to any major course of study at Marian University. This program will foster entrepreneurial skills in students that are crucial to excel in both small businesses as well as large corporations.

Business Creation and Development is offered to our students in two ways; as a minor to those in the liberal arts and as a concentration to our business-related majors. Through this program our participating students will receive an introduction into the essential elements of enterprise and commerce. Those students seeking a minor in Business Creation and Development will commit to a six course sequence and those on the concentration track will follow a four course sequence.

Co-curricular activities will include receptions, lunches and presentations with local business leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders. Additional activities may include participation in business groups such as the Economics Club and the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.

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