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Program Overview
Marian University
Program Overview 

The Marian University Academy for Teaching and Learning Leadership is dedicated to recruiting extraordinary leadership talent from across the United States and refining their values, knowledge, skills, and performances to transform low performing schools into schools where student achievement surpasses the best school jurisdictions in the world.

As part of a statewide recruitment and selection campaign, The academy will meet with business, educational, civic and community agencies that embrace systemic improvement in schools.

The academy is a 36-month program organized around six curriculum strands:

  1. Systems Thinking and Authentic Leadership;
  2. Culture of High Performing Schools;
  3. Teacher Performance and Student Learning;
  4. Statistical Analysis for Teacher Performance and Student Learning;
  5. Literacy Leadership: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and English/Language Communication; and
  6. High Performance Schools: Mentor Program.

The Academy program will be delivered as a part-time, cohort-based model. During the first 12 months of the 3-year program, curriculum will be delivered through a combination of on-site sessions, supplemental reading, research, and extensive collaboration among participants. The remaining 24 months will be structured as a mentor program. The mentor program consists of ongoing professional support after each participant obtains a school leadership position. Leadership assessment, support, and educational research (LASER) teams comprised of Academy mentors, site-based personnel, and business, civic, and governmental executives will provide energetic assistance, counsel, and support that will culminate in explicit and quantifiable improvement in student learning.

All candidates who successfully complete the Academy program are eligible for an Indiana K-12 Building Level Administrator’s license. Click here to download a comprehensive brochure that will provide additional information.