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Marian University

It is the goal of the academy to go beyond simple inspiration. The academy will develop school leaders who can:

  1. analyze complex problems and identify and overcome obstacles to implement creative solutions that result in nationally and internationally recognized schools of excellence.

  2. identify internationally recognized curriculum standards in crucial subject areas and incorporate those standards into the school’s curriculum.

  3. connect highly effective teaching to improved student learning and establish correlated expectations in all teachers’ and students’ work.

  4. build a school environment where relentless work, high integrity, and strong moral character are the norm for school leaders, faculty, staff and students.

  5. lead all faculty, staff, and students in the pursuit of significant improvement in student achievement and accept personal and professional responsibility for school quality.

Personal responsibility is essential for high quality teaching by every teacher, for high achievement by every student, and for high performance by every school leader. No exceptions. No excuses. The quality of schooling, teaching, and learning process is the obligation of leadership.