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Department of Theatre
Marian University
Department of Theatre 

Marian University offers a minor in theatre that emphasizes both performance and technical theatre. The minor is ideal for students interested in complementing their major field of study with a program that boosts their confidence and communication skills which will help them in their future careers. Theatre minors gain experience in, organization, creativity, leadership and teamwork through the program.

Students get hands on experience with the variety of tasks, responsibilities, and job positions involved in launching a theatrical production from early concept and designs to the finished product on opening night. Ambitious students are eligible for chances to director design scenery, lighting, costumes, sound, props, and marketing for the department productions.

Theatre minors take performance, design and production courses through the Department of Theatre which are enhanced by a variety of courses offered though the art, english, communications, music, and foreign language departments. The performing arts department also encourages students to enhance their education and gain professional experience by either auditioning or enrolling in practicums and internships with Indianapolis Civic Theatre, a semi-professional community theatre located on campus, or one of the numerous professional or community theatres in Indianapolis.

Minor Requirements

Minor for Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Theatre

18 hours including THE 100, 120, and 231. Students are required to complete one theatre-related history or literature course chosen from ENG 330 or 336, FRE 345, or MUS 380 (History of Musical Theatre) and seven credits of theatre electives from THE 200, 260, 360, 380, ART 106, 201, 206, COM 230, or MUS 200. Electives may also include up to three credits of THE 108.

The Department of Theatre strives to develop and maintain a theatre rooted in the Franciscan tradition that exemplifies the universities core values of dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship.

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