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The San Damiano Scholars Program challenges students to explore their vocation in a theological context and encourages them to make commitments of service to their churches and communities. San Damiano Scholars may choose from any of the 36 majors at Marian University. In some cases, students will have two or even three majors. A likely career for students in the San Damiano Scholars Program includes pastoral ministry, youth ministry, religious education, music ministry, parish/church business management, vowed religious, ordained ministry, teacher, nurse, physician, physical therapist, psychologist, social worker, and artist.

San Damiano Scholars are students who have demonstrated academic performance and have exhibited leadership in church, religious, or community service activities. Scholars must maintain a 2.50 GPA; participate in monthly meetings, annual retreats, and ongoing church, campus, or religious involvement; complete at least eight hours of community service monthly; and fulfill curricular requirements.

Recommendation form must be complete by December 1.

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Part One - Personal Information
I nominate the following student to receive information about the San Damiano Scholar Program.
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Part Two - Nominee Ratings
How long and in what capacity have you known this San Damiano Scholar applicant?
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Sense of commitment
Self motivation
Ability to interact with peers and adults
Listening skills
Generosity with time and talents towards others
Sensitivity to the needs of others
Desire and ability to contribute positively in the areas of ministry and service
Ability to reflect on activities

Part Three - Nominee
Does the student demonstrate the motivation and discipline required for intellectual pursuits? Provide specific examples.

Part Four - Recommendation
What distinguishes this applicant from other young persons whom you know?
Summary of student’s strengths:
Based on your knowledge of the applicant, please indicate your overall recommendation:

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