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San Damiano Scholar Profile
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San Damiano Scholar Profile 

"Start by doing what is necessary; then do what's possible; and then suddenly you are doing the impossible."  - Francis of Assisi

High school activities of San Damiano Scholars

San Damiano Scholars come from all over the United States. They're probably a lot like you in they have a great desire to integrate their faith life with their chosen career.

In high school they were involved with:

class officers, clubs and club officers, sports

retreat team leaders, peer mentors, orientation team, mission trips, and service

theater, band, choirs (chamber, concert, and show)

Church activities
liturgical ministries

    • altar server, cantor, lector, music group, worship team
  • youth group
    • core team, retreat team, peer mentor, service/mission trip
  • diocesan youth council, youth evangelization team


Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts


San Damiano Scholarship Winners