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Program Mission and Overview
Marian University
Program Mission and Overview 

With generous support from Lilly Endowment Inc., and others, Marian University provides a unique educational experience to three groups of students, depending on their aspirations for the future.

One group includes all of Marian University's 2000+ students, who are reached by the program through coursework, guest speakers, special retreats, and community service opportunities. The broader program affords all students, regardless of religious affiliation, the opportunity to explore their faith and the direction of their lives.

A second group consists of those students interested in church-related employment or serving their church in a significant volunteer capacity. For example, these students could be embarking on courses of study in coursework 

  • pastoral leadership, 
  • religious education, Catholic school education, 
  • healthcare, nursing, or 
  • Not for profit organizations parish/church business management

Also, students pursuing other major areas of study, such as psychology or music, with a minor in pastoral leadership, are included in this group.

A third group is comprised of those students considering service to the church through ordained ministry or religious life.

Groups serviced by the "Rebuild My Church" program

San Damiano scholarships are available for students in the second and third group. To see if you qualify, visit the San Damiano Scholarship page.