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Curricular Programs
Marian University
Curricular Programs 

Catholic School Educator Courses
Students are better prepared to teach in faith-based schools through this program of professional development. Students receive mentoring from an experienced “coach” as well as valuable classroom experience. The overall experience helps future educators infuse religion into their teaching. The requirements are:

  • Education Major and Pastoral Leadership Minor Courses* 
  • Common General Education Courses (3 credits) 
  • Distribution Theology Courses (3 credits) 
  • Other Required Theology Courses (3 credits) 
  • EDU 400 The History and Mission of Catholic Schools

For more information contact Karen Bevis, Director of Education and Special Programs, School of Education.

Franciscan Healthcare Professional
Healthcare is a vocation. Prospective healthcare professionals learn to integrate the Franciscan values of dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship/leadership with sound healthcare practices. Healthcare professionals seek out Marian University students because of this unique education and formation program. The requirements are:

  • Nursing, Pre-Med, or other Pre- Allied Health Professional
  • Major Courses* 
  • NUR 310 Legal/Ethical Aspects of Healthcare 
  • NUR 325 Loss, Grief, and End of Life 
  • NUR 335 Spirituality in Healthcare Across the Lifespan 
  • Moral and Medical Ethics Course 
  • NUA 280 A.S. Nursing Health Care Missions Course 
  • NUB 480 B.S. Nursing Health Care Missions Course

For more information contact Karen Hardin, Assistant Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing.

Pastoral Music Ministry Degree
The pastoral music ministry degree is an undergraduate degree program that grounds its students theology and spirituality in music ministry.  Students continue developing their musical skills in voice and piano or organ, while receiving a foundation in theology, liturgy, church history, as well as practical experience in parish settings.   

The requirements are:

  • Music Development
  • Music Ministry Experience
  • Theological Training and Reflection 

For more information contact Clare Bain, Campus Minister, Music and Liturgy, Office of Campus Ministry.

Parish or Church Business Manager
One of the key professional ministries roles within a parish or church is the parish/church business manager. Students wanting to combine their business skills with their faith will benefit from an integrated professional development program.

The requirements are:

  • Business Major with Pastoral Leadership Minor Courses* 
  • BUS 370 The Nonprofit Organization 
  • BUS 371 Nonprofit Financial Management 
  • Parish Record Keeping

For more information contact Andy Hohman, STL, Chair, Department of Theology and Philosophy, and Assistant Professor of Theology and Philosophy in the School of Liberal Arts.