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Mentor Program
Marian University
Mentor Program 

The prelaw mentor program gives students an opportunity to meet and discuss law as a potential career path with local members of the Bar. Prelaw students contact different mentors to meet and discuss the mentor’s own experiences as an attorney, including what aspects of the practice of law they like or dislike, how they discovered and developed the specific career path they have taken in the profession, and what they might do differently looking back from their current perspective. In addition, the student has an opportunity to discuss with the Mentor the student’s own concerns and thoughts about pursuing a career in the legal profession. The student then reports back to the other prelaw students about the insights they gained about the legal career.

Current Prelaw Mentors

  • Chris Gibson
    Partner, The Corydon Group, LLC
  • Rudolf L. Jansen '61
    Administrative Law Judge for the U.S. Department of Labor in Cincinnati, OH.
  • Andrew Kosegi '97
    Office of Assistant Chief Counsel for Department of Homeland Security
  • Rick Malad '68
    Partner, Cohen & Malad
  • Jim Matthews
    Private Practice
  • Jack Moriarty
    Partner, Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty & Henry
  • Joe Naughton
    Partner, Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty & Henry
  • Kathleen O’Day '95
    The Ayco Company (a Goldman Sachs Company)
  • Frank Otte
    Clark Quinn, Moses, Scott & Grahn
  • Todd Rokita
    Indiana Secretary of State
  • Robert Scott
    Partner, Clark Quinn, Moses, Scott & Grahn
  • Jack Snyder
    Partner, Ice Miller (Ret.)
  • David Stippler
    Bingham McHale
  • Mary Young
  • Jill Zenger
    Assistant U.S. Attorney, Department of Justice (Indianapolis)
  • Gerald Zore
    Judge, Marion Superior Court