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The prelaw studies program is designed with the recommendations of the American Bar Association (ABA) in mind. The ABA recommends that students preparing for law school concentrate on developing certain skills, values, and bodies of knowledge that will provide students with a solid foundation for law school and the practice of law. The concentration consists of courses that students may complete while majoring in any area of study.


General Skill Courses

  • COM 223 Argumentation and Debate
  • ENG 302 Advanced Writing
  • PHL 150 Logic

Legal Skill Course:

  • LAW 300 Legal Practice and Method

Ethics Course
one of the following courses

  • COM 410 Communication Ethics
  • BUS 401 Business Ethics
  • PHL 210 Personal and Professional Ethics
  • SOC 145 Introduction to Social Justice

Subject Area Course

  • POL 102 American Politics