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Vocal Audition Requirements
Marian University
Vocal Audition Requirements 

We require two songs—one in English and the other in Latin, Italian, French, or German. A song from traditional musical theatre repertoire could be the English song.

We ask that you prepare your audition from these general areas:

  • Concert literature (oratorio, etc.)
  • Arias
  • Art songs
  • Standard musical theatre repertoire (Rodgers and Hammerstein, for instance)
  • Folk songs specifically arranged for solo singer and piano

All vocal auditions must be performed from memory.

Please do not sing a vocal part from a choral work. We require that singers prepare solo works for auditions.

There will be some sight-reading for each singer at the audition. You may perform the sight-reading in any manner that is comfortable for you (solfege, neutral syllables, etc.).

We also require you to sing with accompaniment so we may see how you work in performance with a pianist. An accompanist is provided by Marian University. Every singer will have a brief time before his or her audition to discuss their chosen songs with your accompanist.

Please bring three copies of the songs you will perform. These copies will be distributed to faculty members during your audition.

At the end of your audition, we will conduct a short interview between you and the faculty. We welcome your questions about music at Marian University. You may also contact any faculty member before your audition if you have questions.

Finally, we require two letters of recommendation. One letter should be from an ensemble director who knows your work well. The second should be from your private instructor. We request that these instructors speak frankly about your strengths and limitations as a performer and student. Both letters should be sent to Philip Kern at least one week before your audition.

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