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The peace and justice minor helps me to be an agent of change in my community and globally. 

The Peace and Justice Studies Minor is interdisciplinary, drawing from courses in sociology, political science, theology, and philosophy. Students explore theories of peace and justice, examine and analyze the economic, social, and political causes of injustice, and consider ways to create peace through structural justice. In addition, they learn how academic institutions and research methods can be used in the service of peace and justice in our communities and globally.

Peace and Justice Studies Courses
18 credit hours required
(For course information go to the course catalog.)

Required Courses
six credit hours

POL 155: Introduction to Peace Studies
SOC 145: Introduction to Social Justice

Elective Courses
12 credit hours

COM 201: Dialogue and Democratic Decision Making
COM 221: The Art of Dialogue
COM 353: Prophetic Social Criticism
+ENV 170: Introduction to Environmental Science
HIS 336: Women and Gender in Modern Europe
HIS 440: Empire and Nation—Colonialism and Post-Colonialism
PHL 215: Personal and Professional Ethics
PHL 240: Social and Political Philosophy
POL 230: Introduction to Political Theory
POL 359: Causes of War and Peace
+POL 353: Politics of Development
SOC 270: Education and Social Inequality
SOC 320: Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 305: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality
SOC 325: Social Class, Power, and Inequality
+SOC 342: Peace and Justice in the Developing World
SOC 360: Social Justice in Action
SOC 365: Introduction to Social Work
SOC 370: Criminology
SOC 375: Social Movements
SOC 380: Special Topics in Sociology
+THL 321: Religious Perspectives on Social Issues
+THL 322: Catholic Social Teaching

(+) indicates a course that also counts for general education credit

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