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Living Communities
Marian University
I am able to explore my spirituality while promoting justice. 
Living Communities 

Living Peace, Practicing Justice
The Peace and Justice Studies director oversees two intentional living communities:

  • the Dorothy Day House for Peace and Justice for women
  • the Peter Maurin House for Peace and Justice for men

Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, co-founded the Catholic Worker Movement.

The purpose of these houses includes the opportunity to live peace and practice justice. Students living in these houses strive to rectify social injustices with compassionate action and Franciscan values. They are dedicated to building a peace-oriented community at Marian University and creating a cultural atmosphere for spiritually progressive students.

Both of Marian Universities Peace and Justice houses regularly sponsor cultural events such as films and contemplative meals. Residents of the Dorothy Day House and Peter Maurin House are committed to civic engagement, community outreach, and engaged theology.