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Information for Newly Admitted Pre-Nursing Students
Marian University
Information for Newly Admitted Pre-Nursing Students 

Sciences Classes

The School of Nursing requires that students earn at least a C+ on the first attempt in:  CHE 100, BIO 225, BIO 226, and BIO 214.  If students do not earn at least a C+ they will need to change their major at Marian University.  In the past this has been true for about 25% of our incoming class. 


You have probably heard a great deal that high school and college are different.  In high school you spend more time physically in your classes.  In college you are required to spend a lot more time outside of class reading your text, studying for tests, and learning information if you want to do well.  Many of you may not really know how to do this task.  We would suggest that you consider using the Learning and Counseling Center on campus to access peer tutoring opportunities and to learn helpful information about how to study and manage your time. 

Is Nursing For You?

Please review this sheet.  These are important questions to ask yourself and share with your family.  Many times people have not truly considered all of the different aspects of nursing and how challenging it may be to earn a degree and work in the field. 

Ins and Outs of the Curriculum sheet

+s mean that you must earn at least a C.  This does not need to be earned on the first attempt. 

*s mean that you must earn at least a C+.

NUR and NUB courses are nursing coures and earning less than a C+ is considered a nursing failure.  You are permitted only one nursing failure.  A second nursing failure will result in dismissal from the program. 

Applying to the nursing program

All students who want to pursue nursing as a major must follow the two step admission process.  First, they must be admitted to Marian University and then after completing the required pre-req. courses they must make application to the School of Nursing.  You make application the semester previous to when you wish to start (fall or spring).