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Marian University

The Marian University School of Nursing offers programs in two different locations. Programs are offered at the Marian University main campus, as well as the Marian University Programs for St.Vincent Health learning site. Each of these sites offers a set of qualities that will be very beneficial for any student pursing their nursing degrees from Marian Universtiy.The Marian College Campus

Marian University Main Campus

Campus-based programs are held at the Marian University main campus. Marian University is located in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana—one of America's largest and most vibrant metropolitan areas.

Only 10 minutes from downtown, the safe, beautiful campus is also perfect for people who enjoy peace and quiet. Marian College is a very small and close-knit community, giving students the opportunity to easily meet other students who share their passion for pursuing a nursing degree.

Marian University Programs for St.Vincent Health

The Marian University Programs for St.Vincent Health site is located on the north side of Indianapolis. At this site, students can enroll in the Accelerated Track Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. This site offers students the opportunity to work with other students and faculty in a life-like simulation lab. Students will also complete tests and other assignments with other students at this site. This location gives students the chance to get their BSN degree using a blend of both tradition and technology.