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Catalog of Courses
Marian University
The liberal arts classes give me a new perspective.  
Catalog of Courses 

Descriptions of all courses in the curriculum are on the following pages. Each area of instruction is listed alphabetically.

Each course is identified by a code of three letters and a three-digit number. The number of credits per course is listed.

Numbers 100-299 indicate lower division courses designed primarily for students at the freshman and sophomore levels. Normally, the content is introductory and basic to subsequent study in the discipline. Most general education courses are in this category.

Numbers 300-499 are upper division courses primarily for juniors and seniors. Normally, the content and requirements presuppose basic familiarity with the subject, which can be demonstrated through general education courses, prerequisite courses, or in conference with an advisor.

Not all courses listed in this catalog are offered each term. Please refer to the current schedule of classes available at the MAP office. The university reserves the right to add, delete, or alter each MAP schedule as registrations warrant.

MAP Catalog of Courses