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Green Chemistry Promotion at Economic Club of Indiana Luncheon - 9/9/2008

On Wednesday, September 24, 2008, Marian College will promote the green chemistry program at the Economic Club of Indiana luncheon.

Dr. Carl Lecher, a 1997 graduate of Marian College and assistant professor of chemistry for the School of Mathematics and Sciences.

Approximately 500-750 Indianapolis business and community leaders attend the monthly Economic Club of Indiana luncheons at the Indiana Convention Center. Marian College is a sponsor.

The talk at the September 24 luncheon will be “Innovation: The Cure for What Ails Us” by John Lechleiter, the president and CEO of Eli Lilly and Company. Lechleiter has a master’s and a doctorate in organic chemistry from Harvard and has spent much of his career practicing the hard science of pharmaceutical drugs.

Marian College will be at the event with a display promoting Marian College’s green chemistry program and Institute for Green and Sustainable Science. Dr. Carl Lecher, assistant professor of chemistry, and Dr. Loren Bertocci, dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences, will attend the event to answer questions.

Dr. Loren Bertocci, dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences.

The college also plans to promote green and sustainable sciences at the annual meeting of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors on Thursday, November 6, 2008. Approximately 90-100 Indiana business leaders are expected to attend. Dr. Lecher and Dr. Bertocci will be there, as well.

About the green chemistry program:
Marian College launched its green chemistry program in 2003 when Dr. Carl Lecher joined the faculty. The program interlinks undergraduate student research with the first comprehensive green organic chemistry laboratory curriculum in the state.

About the Institute for Green and Sustainable Sciences:
Beginning in June 2009, the institute will be a six-to-eight week program for Marian College students and science and mathematics students from other colleges and universities. Through classroom and laboratory coursework, students will participate in independent research in a multidisciplinary setting—combining mathematics, chemistry, physics, cell and molecular biology, and economics—that can address the complex problems of green and sustainable science. The institute will be a valuable resource for students who are serious about careers in mathematics and science. Dr. Carl Lecher will direct the institute. He can be reached at or 317.955.6005.