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75th Anniversary Gala Committees
Marian University
75th Anniversary Gala Committees 

75th Anniversary Gala
John and Sarah Lechleiter, honorary chairs
Honorary co-chairs have joined John an Sarah Lechleiter and contributed $75,000 or more to the gala. We are blessed to have the following honorary co-chairs:

  1. Daniel and Elizabeth Elsener
  2. John and Sarah Lechleiter
  3. Michael and MaryAnn Browning
  4. Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
  5. Herff JonesCompany/Joe Slaughter
  6. OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc.
  7. Monarch Beverage Company, Inc./Phil Terry
  8. Herbert Simon and The Indiana Pacers
  9. The Semler Family
  10. St. Vincent Health
  11. Community Health Network
  12. Michael Evans and Andrea Terrell
  13. Irving Materials, Inc./Pete Irving
  14. KeyBank
  15. Marian, Inc.
  16. Alan ’62 and Sue Leighton
  17. D. Anthony ’69 and Carole Kunkel ’65 Watt
  18. Jack and Jennifer Snyder
  19. The Drew Family
  20. USA Funds (Presenting Sponsor)
  21. Jack and Katie Whelan
  22. Carson Agency, Inc./Philip ’81 and Teresa Houser ’80 Carson
  23. William ’74 and Teresa Eckman
  24. Earl Brinker ’74
  25. Charles ’68 and Mary Leahy ’68 Welch
  26. John ’63 and Phyllis Cardis
  27. Orbis Education
  28. Michael Simmons
  29. Stephen and Jacqueline Burns
  30. Margaret Mary Community Hospital
  31. Sisters of St. Francis
  1. Gregg ’66 and Pat Dwyer
  2. John ’71 and Kathy Bailey ’74 Yanney
  3. Mark ’80 and Yvonne Stanifer  ’85 Daniel
  4. Eugene and Helene Herber ’53 Henn
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Doyle
  6. David and Judith Pille ’65 Castaldi
  7. Fr. John Luerman
  8. Richard Ruwe
  9. RJE Business Interiors/Denny Sponsel
  10. Mike Weaver
  11. John and Pam Purdie
  12. The Ackerman Foundation/John Ackerman
  13. Citizens Energy Group
  14. Tobias Insurance
  15. Advantage Health Solutions  
  16. Raul and Deborah Zavaleta
  17. Fred and Jamie McClaine/Brown and Brown Insurance
  18. Mike and Bea Becher
  19. Bob and Joan Smith
  20. Pete and Sheri Piazza
  21. Christel DeHaan
  22. Steve Hackman and Gina Giacone
  23. Fred and Judy Klipsch
  24. SerVaas Family
  25. Indianapolis Power & Light Company (Dessert Sponsor)
  26. Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation
  27. Glick Foundation
  28. Robert and Mary Ann Busemeyer '57 Huntington
  29. Anonymous
  30. Anonymous
  31. Anonymous

Corporate Committee
Fred McClaine, chair

Pierre Atlas

Steve '64 and Jan '66 McCracken

Dan Baker

Dave Meguschar

Michael Becher

Bob Phillips

Scott Bruns '96

Janeann Pitz

Phil Carson '81

Sam Reed

Daniel Elsener

Ken Scheer '84

John Finke

Jerry Semler

Chris Gibson '96

Andy Shaver

Susan Guindon

Frank Short

Steve Gutzwiller '69

Katie Smith

Bill Kelsey '61

Tom Spencer

Deborah Lawrence

George Taylor '88

John Lechleiter

Tony Watt '69

Al Leighton '62

John Wood

Keith Martin

Drew Young

Fred McClaine


"Rebuild My Church" Board of Visitors
Dan Hoyt, chair

John and Chris Accetturo

Mike Leppert

Fr. Pat Beidelman

John Leppert

Jeff Blackwell

Elly and Bob McNamara

Sr. Jean Marie Cleveland, OSF '64

Joe Naughton

Joe and Judy Doyle

Ruth Rodgers

Dan Elsener

Ken Scheer '84

Mark Erdosy

John Shelton

John Finke

Bill Sherman '65

Gary Hoefle

Juliana Simmons '62

Rosie Houk

Bob Smith

Dan Hoyt

Jerry Williams and Sandy Williams

Ed Isakson

Suzanne Yakimchick '69

Technology Advisory Board
Mike Pratt and Jeff Powers, chairs

Steve Brunner

David Mennel

Terry DeBruhl

Stephanie Moran

John Finke

Carol Pendlum

Charles Green

Tom Penno

Michael Heim '77

Jeff Powers

John Holton

Michael Pratt

John Kennedy

Joe Santucci

Bill Laker

Ken Scheer '84

Timothy Malarney

Peter Williams

Alumni Committee
John Cardis and Matt Browning, chairs

Matt Browning '00

David Haire '71

John Cardis '63

Jim Meer '92

Phil Carson '81

Sr. Norma Rocklage, OSF '60

LaNier Echols '10

Barbara Stuckwisch

Denise Feser '77

Cliff Tinsley '07

John Finke

Michael Vierling '93

Steve Gutzwiller '69

Healthcare Committee
Vince Caponi and Bryan Mills, chairs

Jon Anderson

Ben Huang

Vince Caponi

Clif Knight

Julie Carmichael

Bryan Mills '81

Paul Evans

Andrea Terrell

Michael Evans

Erin Wernert

Institutional Advancement Campaign Committee
Jerry Semler and John Cardis, chairs

Michael Browning

Dan Hoyt

Steve Burns

Joseph Impicciche

Vince Caponi

John Lechleiter

John Cardis '63

Sr. Jacquelyn McCracken, OSF '72

Phil Carson '81

Jerry Semler

Bill Eckman '74

Michael Verling

Daniel Elsener

Tony Watt '69

John Finke

Chuck '68 and Mary '68 Welch

Robert Golobish

Drew Young

Ray Haberski

Raul Zavaleta

Jack Hill