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Fundraising Initiatives
Marian University
Fundraising Initiatives 

 Comprehensive Effort

Central Indiana and Corporate

John and Phyllis Cardis

Chairs: John '63 and Phyllis Cardis

John and Sarah Lechleiter

Honorary Co-Chairs: John and
Sarah Lechleiter

Leadership Initiative Progress*

 Jerry and Rosie Semler
Chairs: Jerry and Rosie Semler

Health and Life Sciences
Target: $105 million

Priorities: mathematics and sciences, medical school, nursing.

Tony and Carole Watt
Chairs: Tony '69 and Carole Kunkel Watt '65
Investing in Students, Academics, and Campus Life
Target: $55 million

Priorities: internships, laboratories of learning, liberal arts support, athletics, scholarships, technology, alumni engagement.


 Dan Hoyt
Chairman: Dan Hoyt

Strengthening the “Rebuild My Church” Program
Target: $15 million

Priorities: provide all students with opportunities to explore vocations; recruit students interested in priesthood, seminary, and Catholic studies.

Total** $138,992,376

*progress as of 8-31-11
**includes gifts, pledges, deferred, and nongaap gifts

Initiative Leadership: Vice Chairs

Michael Browning

Vince Caponi

Len '68 and Sue
Smith Strom '68

Chuck '68 and Mary
Leahy Welch '68

Raul Zavaleta